Top 5 Harry Potter Prequels I’d Like to See

I will begin by saying, I am on a Harry Potter universe binge as of late. I will admit, I’ve dived into so much lore, backstory, history, theories, and honestly a lot more I could say but I won’t, while on this “research lesson” I began to wonder, with Fantastic Beasts being somewhat a prequel to this franchise, what other characters or prequels I’d like to see play out.

Whether this could be a solo movie, trilogy, or even a TV series. I mean, could a TV series work inside of this universe? I personally think so.

Let’s begin with the top 5 prequels I’d like to see.

5. The Goblin Rebellions

This point came from one of the many YouTube videos I watched in the past few days. Throughout the Harry Potter movies, we got to meet a few Goblins and got introduced to these creatures and they were pretty much just background characters, however, their history and lore expand so much more.

When I was watching a video on the Goblin Rebellions, I got so interested to see this and how it played out in the books. The Goblin Rebellions were a series of rebellions in which the goblin population of the Wizarding world revolted against the discrimination and prejudice towards their kind by wizards and witches.

4. Tom Riddle

You may be thinking “but Voldemort was shown in a great amount of light throughout the movies” and you’re right. I would like to explore Tim Riddle and his rise to becoming Voldemort. I want to see his journey from the student to the lord.


I want this set just as he’s growing into this adult and him creating and recruiting Deatheaters and his loyal followers. I personally think that with a character like Voldemort we still have yet to truly see him and his rise in his evil torment to the wizarding world and the muggle world.

3. Madeye Moody

We got introduced to the character of Madeye Moody in the Goblet of Fire. He showed up as a weird, scarred, and broken man, who was paranoid that people were out to get him. He was that paranoid that at one point he was even unsure about Harry himself.

I’d honestly like to see a prequel focused on him as an Auror for magical governments. He was arguably the best and most dangerous Auror that was around. Oftentimes getting the biggest and badest Deatheaters captured or sometimes killed. He would put his body on the line as seen with the number of scars on his body, as well as the missing eye.

2. Snape

I think everyone wants a Snape prequel which I personally think would be amazing to see. Snape is a great character who was pure of heart and was a really great guy, even down to his last moments. Similar to Voldemort, I fully believe we haven’t seen enough of Snape’s history, especially as a Voldemort follower.

I personally think that if they were to do a prequel about Snape, Adam Driver would hand’s down be the best casting for the character and would make the expansion of the Wizarding world so much better.

1. Sirius Black

The story of Sirius Black throughout the Harry Potter movies has always been an interesting story to me when I watch the movies. His mannerisms and personality are so cool. His life is a crazy one, to say the least. As a loyal friend to Harry’s parents and Harry’s godfather, we didn’t get to see enough of Sirius.


I feel like a prequel set just before Voldemort kills Harry’s parents would be so great to see, this could truly be a prequel to the franchise. We would get to see Sirius beforehand, about halfway through the movie we would see the killing of Harry’s parents and the end of the movie could be when Sirius gets framed for killing 12 muggles.

These are the main 5 prequels that I truly hope we get to see at some point in the future. It would expand the live-action franchise of the Harry Potter universe so much.

I truly believe there is so much more we are yet to see within this universe.

Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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