Top 5 Star Wars Droids Ranked

When we look at the top droids, we look at what they’ve done not just what they’re capable of. We look at savings lives as a major point when we talk about the top droids. Also, droids can take the initiative to make a vital decision and add more to the selection. There are thousands of droids across the Star Wars universe but there are only a few that are truly memorable.

1. R2D2

I wouldn’t be surprised to find R2 at the top of nearly every list when discussing top droids. R2 has been a frequent player throughout all of the 9 major movies. Just take a look at this video from IGN which showcases each time R2D2 saves the day;

He isn’t just saving individual lives although at times he does, sometimes he saves entire fleets and it was due to him alone. I mean, when you discuss the Original trilogy, it’s R2D2 that got the Death Star plans to Obi-Wan. If it wasn’t for him or if he perished before getting there – who knows what could’ve happened so really, when you look at it, it’s not JUST Luke who’s the hero for destroying the Death Star – it’s R2D2 as well for getting those plans to where they needed to be.

Another thing about R2, he was always loyal, doesn’t matter who he was with he was loyal. From Anakin to Luke. He was there for everything. He even took down a spy droid in the Clone Wars. He never once told anyone who Vader was either.

2. BD-1

BD-1 was first featured in the Fallen Order video game as a trusty companion to Cal Kestis. BD-1 had no memory when he first met Cal and was told to look for someone to trust after Cordova encrypted his memories.

If it wasn’t for BD-1 being with Cal every step of the way, it’s almost a certainty that Cal would be dead. BD-1 has saved Cal so many times across both games. Even during the first game, it’s likely if it wasn’t for BD activating the barrier, Trilla would’ve almost definitely killed Cal during that scene. BD also has access to stims to help heal Cal should he become injured, and has direct access to maps, binoculars, and more. BD1 deserves to be talked about when it comes to top droids in Star Wars.


3. Chopper

Chopper was a little bit crazy for a droid, not in a bad way but ultimately, he had more personality and life compared to R2 or C3PO. More times than not, Chopper would either get himself in trouble or get Ezra into trouble.

Chopper loved his Phoenix Squad team. He was always there when needed and he truly was an important member of the team. Chopper, similar to R2, was in many of the major battles and could handle himself well.

4. K-2SO

K-2SO was a repurposed droid for the Resistance. He still had the markings and designs from his time in the Empire. He was mainly Cassian Andor’s droid who helped in freeing Jyn Erso from the prison transport.

K-2SO made the ultimate sacrifice when he decided to block the doors where Jyn and Andor were while they got the plans to the Resistance, K-2SO stayed behind to take down the Stormtroopers but ultimately got overwhelmed and eventually destroyed.

5. BB-8

BB-8 is another droid similar to R2 where he’s there to assist his companion and does it well enough. He’s 5th on this list because we weren’t sure who deserved the 5th. We originally sat on IG-12 but he was controlled by Grogu so it didn’t make sense to include him here. Then we were torn with our honorable which we’ll discuss in the next section.

BB-8 saved multiple lives during the Sequel run, more notably Poe on several occasions. It was also BB-8 that took the map to Luke Skywalker through hell in order to get it to the Resistance. Granted, what happened next with Luke was disgraceful but ultimately, in the end, it was BB-8 that succeeded with that. Plus, BB-8 made me laugh on several occasions which is always a plus.


Honorable mention – General Grevious

Grevious we felt needed to be on this list, but not in the main part of the list, but as an honorable mention. This is down to the simple fact that he had a droid body and still managed to best countless Jedi and kill them, as well as holding his own against some powerful Jedi. He was only destroyed when Obi-Wan shot him in his heart.

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