Top 5 Things I’m Excited to See At DC FanDome

Last year DC Comics and Warner Bros debuted a new online event because of what was going on in the world at that time, Covid-19.

That event was better than people imagined it would be, myself included in this. So it was only right that DC would turn this into a yearly event and bring it back this coming October with bigger and better projects, trailers, panels, and more ready to be revealed.

But what am I excited about this year?

5. Black Adam

Black Adam is a movie that I am excited to see, more so because of how long it actually took to even be greenlit by the executives at Warner Bros. Another really I am excited to see it is simply because of The Rock, his passion for this movie and for this movie to be made is undeniably great. I would love to see a trailer, but anything related to Black Adam is a win for me.

4. The Flash Movie

Whether or not they decide to show a trailer or even a tease would be fine for me. I know this movie has been in the firing line for thousands of fans because of the higher-ups and the issues with Ray Fisher and I get that, I’m angry as well, but it doesn’t take away my excitement for this movie, especially with the debut of Supergirl in this movie.

3. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

I am hugely excited for this game, I always have been a fan of the Suicide Squad, and my excitement for this game got even higher with the release of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad movie recently. I fully believe that this game will be a standout for being insanely fun and even better if you can play with friends.


2. Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is probably the most anticipated game I am waiting on, I have been waiting on this for a year or longer, I hope we get more reveals of a trailer, customization, co-op, and more on the story. I can not wait to play this with a couple of friends and I have officially decided to have Batgirl as my main character on the game.

1. The Batman

It’s been over a year since the fans got to witness the greatness Matt Reeves put together with Robert Pattinson as Batman. From that trailer we have had nothing else, I have heard rumors of a new trailer debuting at FanDome, and I hope it’s just as great as the first trailer.

But sure to check back for the full updates on DC FanDome.

As well as the above mentioned points, we’ve been getting news and updates on shows like Peacemaker, Titans, Superman and Lois, Aquaman 2, and more. It’ll be a highly exciting event.


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