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Top 5 Things That Need To Be In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi was a significant part of my childhood, I remember spending hours upon hours on that game, it was that game along with the old Cell saga in the anime that truly kicked off my love of Dragon Ball.

Recently, a new announcement was made to let fans of the franchise and video games know that there would be a fourth video game coming.

Twitter and the fandom went wild, I even spoke about it with my friend, Owen. We’re both massive fans of Dragon Ball so this is right up our alley. The more important question is what we want to be added to the game.

5. Downloadable Content

First thing is first, follow through on all downloadable content, and keep the game updated with different story arcs from the manga. Two must-need sagas that need to be shown are the new Super movie, as well as the Moro arc. Both of these story arcs would have been insane to play within Kakarot or Xenoverse.

Another bunch of DLC that could be an option is the Heroes stuff, while the episodes are not long, the action, story, and characters are all truly incredible. The wait for downloadable content to release should be short too, not a massive amount of time within the release of each other.

4. Saga Content

What made the originals great was simply the saga modes. They were great because you could get lost in them. All the fans want in this new game is content, great content. The story sagas for Dragon Ball are great, Xenoverse and Fighter Z have come with story modes but put their own little twists on them, to get these stories true to how it is and be able to play through it is going to be so good.


The entire Super saga would be the cherry on top of a great game. Take the time to truly incorporate the entire lore. When Kakarot was announced, it gave hope that you could be as kid Goku but the entire game focused on Z and was quite rushed in terms of pacing for the story, this new game should keep the pace steady and allow not only the fans to replay all of the stories but introduce new fans to the lore.

3. Original Budakai Fight System and Music

The closest thing to the original fighting system is the Xenoverse games, although they do have slight differences. While I do like and fully enjoy the Xenoverse fight system, bringing back the original Budakai fighting system would bring so much nostalgic memories back for a lot of fans.

Back in the day, if you fought Broly, you wouldn’t do that much damage to him until let’s say you were Goku, you would truly need to go Super Saiyan 1, 2, and then 3. Bring that back, it would be such a unique system that would require a lot of patience. What made the originals great was that you didn’t truly have to spam buttons.

Another reason was the music. It was great, people played for hours because the gameplay and music were that good.

2. Beam Struggles

Back in the originals, you would get into a battle with an enemy and would need to wiggle and use the analog sticks on the controller to be able to beat him when using a major power like the Kamehameha. This is a feature that needs to be in any Dragon Ball video game, it makes the battles even more intense and feels like there is something on the line.

Everyone wants to use the final flash against a spirit bomb, let fans do that in the new game. The number of compilation videos that would be released because of this sole feature would be huge. To see the beam struggle return would be a major step in the right direction.


Honorable Mention – TOP Tournament Mode

While the most logical choice for this mode would be a 1v1, one option to make this work would be a battle royal type system. Implementing a battle royal system would be great, especially for the competitive Dragon Ball fighters, the pros, and people who perform in tournaments.

Give fans a battle royal system, 8-12 fighters per battle royal, and have rewards at the end of it and where you finish. Could even add in a battle pass-type reward system.

1. Biggest Character Roster

The character roster is the most important thing. For the base game release, there are plenty of characters to choose from, especially from among all of the story sagas. You have Dragon Ball, Z, Super, and more to begin the game with.

As the base game would come with a huge roster, that would only be expanded on by DLC characters from the Moro arc, Super movie arc, and potentially even Heroes. Some characters we would like to see added are;

  • Gods of Destruction and Angels
  • Great Apes
  • Dyspo
  • Demigra
  • Full Power Jiren
  • Gohan Beast
  • Grand Priest
  • Orange Piccolo
  • Black Frieza (DLC later down the line).

Obviously, this is mine and Owen Bruford’s list, we’ve spoken about this and there are countless other things we would want to see within the game when it releases.

However, for now, we are contempt with the announcement that it is finally getting another video game in the franchise.


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