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Who Is Ladypool In “Deadpool & Wolverine”

So with it being Best Friends Day, it’s only right that the two best buddies, Ryan and Hugh, would release a small promo for the upcoming movie “Deadpool & Wolverine”. Now within this trailer, there is just the same footage we saw but a few new things to go over.

In a quick shot throughout the trailer, we get to see a very quick shot of another returning previous X-Men villain and one that has come out and said they are not in the movie. This is why when actors say they are not in certain films, take that with a grain of salt.

Secondly, we also got to see Ladypool’s boots, we know that she is in the film but has been left out of the marketing until now when we saw these boots but who could be under the suit?

Obviously, there are two main people that it could be. Blake Lively is the first one for obvious reasons. If you don’t know, that is Ryan’s wife. I feel like Ryan would cast Blake in this role for the simple fact he can and that he likes to cast people he knows as we know Rob McElhenney will be playing a TVA agent in the movie as confirmed on Welcome To Wrexham Season 3.

Secondly, it is the one everyone believes could be Taylor Swift. This is Blake’s friend and Ryan has a great connection with her. We also know that Taylor likes to dress up as Deadpool so why not bring her into the Marvel franchise?

I mean, it would be massive. Obviously, the movie will do fantastic numbers at the box office, I’m calling it now that this movie will be over a billion dollars. So to add that huge fanbase of Taylors into it would make an absolute killing on it’s own.


Then again, it could just be a red herring and be someone completely different in the role. There are many actors who could don the suit but for me, in my opinion, it is Taylor.

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