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Why Godspeed Should Lead Into Season 8 Of CW’s The Flash

August Heart (Godspeed) is a villain that has been very popular within the comic book runs. He’s also a villain I’ve been screaming for, for as long as I can remember. Especially considering how stale the “big-bad” of the seasons have been lately.

We first got to see Godspeed back in episode 18 of season 5, and let’s be honest – it was so poorly done I actually lost faith in the show for quite a while.

Godspeed is a villain that deserves a similar spotlight as to what Reverse Flash and Zoom got, but in season 5 he just didn’t.

August Heart was a Detective within the CCPD before gaining his powers. In a short story, he becomes evil, killing other speedsters and stealing their speed. He’s brutal, and it’s a villain The Flash show could definitely do with.

In the latest episodes of The Flash, we’re seeing a Civil War happen between “clones” of Godspeed. One half is fighting because they want to live, the others are fighting to steal Barry’s speed to give to Prime August, who seems to be suffering from memory loss at present.

One of the things I will say is that I have massively missed the speedster fights. Seeing Barry against Godspeed has been incredibly entertaining, and something I’ve longed for with the show for such a long time.


They either need to allow Godspeed to truly take over season 8 so we get to know him much better, and for him to be given the opportunity to truly become an iconic villain within the show.

I understand after the initial 3 seasons of having speedster villains that it needed to be shaken up, and that’s fine, however, this is the 4th season without now. This is why it needs to be brought back, and Godspeed is perfect for it.

If not Godspeed, then fine, but at least give us Red Death, Daniel West, Cobalt Blue, or hell, even at this point I’d take Reverse Flash for another run.

Given how much the show has heated up with the return of Nora West-Allen (XS) and the introduction of Bart Allen (Impulse), a speedster villain is definitely needed. Both of these two amazing characters and actors deserve recurring roles within the show as well.


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