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Why I’m Excited For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Just a few weeks ago, 2K dropped a trailer and gameplay footage of their upcoming new game, Midnight Suns. Expected to be released in March 2022 which is only around 6 months away.

2K and Firaxis Games have managed to secure the Marvel IP to create an XCOM type game with a twist. Considering the XCOM series are games I can dig my teeth into for hours on end, but adding a Marvel skin on the top with new abilities and powers, bring it on.

Deep dive into the gameplay experience of ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ – an epic tactical RPG set in the darker side of the Marvel Universe. Darkness Falls.

gameplay trailer description

The trailers we have seen so far have included some major heroes and we even have a list of playable heroes that you can have some serious fun with.

Here’s the roster;

  1. Iron Man
  2. Captain America
  3. Wolverine
  4. Doctor Strange
  5. Captain Marvel
  6. Blade
  7. Ghost Rider
  8. Magik
  9. Nico Minoru
  10. The Hunter

The Hunter will be your own created character, male or female with customization options and also able to select from over 40 different abilities.


Midnight Suns is based on the 1990s comic book series Rise of the Midnight Sons which saw the collaboration of Avengers with various other Marvel Comics heroes such as various Ghost Riders but will not be an exact retelling of the events in that series. The Avengers and other supernatural characters team up with new superhero The Hunter to stop Hydra who has awakened Lilith (Mother of All Demons). The Hunter is Lilith’s child and the only one to be able to kill her. The game will include 13 different heroes, including The Hunter.


The story sounds like it’s definitely going to be interesting, and the ability to create your own superhero is definitely an added bonus, and it does bring it back to the XCOM type feel.

The difference with this is from the gameplay footage it looks like there are cards that you can put into play. It’s not an exact replica of the XCOM series, but it’s very close with the kind of turn-based combat. Some people may say that it’s old but it’s something I still love.

Here’s the gameplay trailer;

Superhero games have been pretty cut and dry lately, with the top spots going to the Batman series and Spider-Man games from Insomniac, and it’s clear to see why. They’re both exceptional series. I give 2K huge props for going down the route they have with this.

The last XCOM game came out in February 2016, so by the time this comes out it will be 6 years so it’s long overdue. Plus it adds a unique aspect to a superhero game instead of it being an original.


2022 is going to be an exciting, yet expensive year for gaming, especially fans of comic material. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is likely to be out then, Gotham Knights, Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and probably others I’m forgetting. That’s including Midnight Suns.

The graphics seem a bit wonky, but there is time to fix that and I’m not expecting God of War or Last of Us type graphics in a game like this. Also given 2K’s track record of pure disgusting microtransactions in their games, I am hoping they’re not as predatory in this and are used for cosmetic purposes only. That’s my only worry so far with this, but the other stuff does outweigh that.

I am also hyped to see what they do with the story, we know even despite Marvel’s Avengers having a rocky start – it did have a very good story. That’s difficult to deny, so bring this on, we cannot wait.

If you haven’t already watched the trailer you can do so below;


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