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Why Jurnee Smollett Deserves a Black Canary Series

Let’s be real, When Jurnee was cast as Black Canary, people hated it, the people who were “But Black Canary is white and blonde” type of people hated the casting but the fan-base and actually fans of the DCEU loved this casting.

Birds of Prey released and people said it was a “flop” yet I disagree. The movie was great, it introduced us to a few new characters as well as gave all of the great character development.

But fans spoke about Jurnee and her as Black Canary, I still see people talk about it even a year after its release, people continue to post, tweet, make videos, and just generally mention how great Jurnee was in that movie.

Now let’s talk about why Jurnee fully deserves a Black Canary series somewhere like HBO Max.

Jurnee was a standout in Birds of Prey, each scene she was in she absolutely nailed it, the chemistry between her and the rest of the cast was superb. In the action scenes, she was in, she did great, she captured the personality of Black Canary.

And let’s be real, the story for Black Canary in live-action is far from done, it can not be one movie and done type of situation, it’s impossible, her story expands far beyond that of the Birds of Prey.


I’d love to see Jurnee reappear in her own live-action series and definitely pop up again in a Green Arrow movie (preferably with Charlie Hunnam as Oliver Queen).

I personally think a series starring Jurnee would do insanely well, especially with the comic community on Twitter and it’s been proven she can handle a TV series as she was once again a standout on Lovecraft Country.

I think a Black Canary series, given a huge budget and a decent writing team would absolutely crush it. It would be something different as well. We’ve seen what a high-budget can do with a show like Titans.

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