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Why My Excitement For LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has Dropped Severely

The next upcoming LEGO game is set to be a huge one from TT Games. Quite a number of years have gone into the project from the popular LEGO studio and it does seem like they have all bases covered with some cool new features.

You can see the full-length gameplay overview they released here;

Now, don’t get me wrong the game looks exceptional. The Complete Saga came out in 2007 and I have a lot of fond memories with that game as I had such a great experience with it.

Fast forward to 2022 and the game will cover all 3 trilogies and will be the biggest game yet. It’s also worth noting the game will be released on the 5th April 2022.

So, now you may be asking why I’m no longer excited for the game after building it up in the previous paragraphs. Well, there are 2 reasons why. It also may be worth noting I will still be pre-ordering the game for day 1, but due to the below issues, I will only be preordering the base game and will not be purchasing anything else.

1. No online coop

This is the biggest one for me. The thing that infuriates me is that it’s 2022, a game that is heavily focused on couch coop with a friend doesn’t have online features to do this. Especially when we’re currently in a PANDEMIC!


Fair enough, LEGO is aimed at children, but us adults who grew up with the series will also be buying the game and we have lives, jobs, spouses, children, etc. It’s difficult to find time to go to a friend’s house to enjoy the cooperative aspect the game offers.

Quite a few LEGO games from TT Games have offered online coop including 2007’s The Complete Saga which was over 14 years ago. So we know they’re capable of doing it and I feel like it could only benefit the game more if this was an added feature.

You could also say to me; “they haven’t actually said anything about online coop yet!”

Technically, they have;

PlayStation store 25th January 2022

The above image is the official PlayStation store where you can preorder the game. I believe all accurate information will need to be submitted prior to Sony publishing the game onto their store. On the listing, it only shows 1-2 players and shows no online features except in-game purchases.

This was also highly requested by players as well. I read multiple forums and wishlists for the game and the highest requested feature tended to be online coop so it is disappointing to see that this feature wasn’t implemented. Especially how long the game took and the multiple delays it suffered.


2. TT Games studio and toxic environment to staff

This is also a big one. As a person, I’m fairly ethical. I also work full time and couldn’t imagine being treated this way by my management or higher persons within the company.

Reading the article from Polygon honestly gave me a newfound perspective on the studio that I believed would be a lot of fun to work at, especially considering they’re working on LEGO games which are just filled with love, fun, and entertainment.

If you haven’t read the article then you can do so by clicking here.

It’s a lengthy read but it’s definitely worth spending a few minutes to read it. Once I read this I slammed my hands down and didn’t want to support a studio that had such toxic measures and doing what they have.

This is the prime reason why I will only purchase the base game. I still want to support all the wonderful developers who have worked through exhaustion to make this game possible. Yes, those developers will have already been paid but I’d rather see their work was worth it.

As for the deluxe editions and any add-ons, I won’t be for this reason. I’m in the UK and the game is £49.99 which is a fair price for any AAA game in 2022 but that’s all I will be spending.


It also seems like this type of environment has been happening for years as well which makes matters even worse. The studio really should come out and make a statement on this as a lot of comments I see from people, they’ve canceled their pre-orders and want nothing to do with it.

I have no doubt the game will be a success but I’m no longer excited for it as I once was compared to other games coming out such as Hogwarts and Gotham Knights I will still play this on day one and I’m sure I will enjoy the experience.

Let me know though, are you still excited for the game? Let me know down in the comments below.

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