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Why Now is A Great Opportunity For A Predator Video Game

Now, the universe that features Aliens and Predators is loved by many, and hated by many, but one thing they always seem to nail is the video game series whether that be on the Playstation 2 or the Xbox 360, each game which focuses on the Predator or Alien is always somewhat well received.

In this article I’ll explain a few reasons as to why I believe now is the perfect opportunity for a game studio to kick the door down and release a brand new Predator game based on the Yautja and only focus on this race.

Updated Gaming Systems

In this day and age, the gaming systems we play any video game on are high quality, the engine that gaming studio’s use to create their games is some of the best engines we currently have to build any game on, especially engines that produce games like Spider-Man PS4 and Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5.

Those two games are hands down some of the best story-driven games that have been released in the last few years, the quality in the video game which handles framerate, graphics, smoothness, and more are all superb so creating a Predator based game on an engine like Unreal Engine 5 is perfect, it would handle it insanely well.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics for the game doesn’t have to be overboard and over-complicated. They can literally take a similar approach as Predator: Hunting Grounds. That game utilizes every button on a controller, easy to remember and easy to figure out.

Even if they want to go a different route, the game mechanics could utilize the D-pad feature, and use that as a way to get your weapons or perks activated, or even use it to heal yourself in the game. So many options they could choose from, especially if you add in the feature of the game audio coming through the PS5 controller mic.


The Story

Now, the bit I’m excited to talk about, the story. If it was me, I’d go a full immersive story-driven game where you are a young juvenile Predator who gets sent out to see if you can pass the rite of passage ritual, along the way you can choose different paths to take, do you want to be an honest Predator? Do you want to become a “Bad Blood” Predator and go up against other Predator Clans?

Throughout the game, you would be given story opportunities, missions, and side missions to unlock better weapons. I’d also have the game set on a distant planet, I wouldn’t have it on Earth because that’s been done countless times. I would have the main game as you being a juvenile Predator, going through the rite of passage, surviving, and going on to become an elite hunter.

I’d also have multiple DLC expansions focused on different things with different Predators throughout each one to give the game a lengthy lifespan. I’d make sure to have a similar difficulty setting system as Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order where you had four different options to choose from, in this case, it would be; Young Blood (easy), Bad Blood (medium), Elite (hard), and Elder (extra hard) to give the game a different range for each player whether that be a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer.


Customization is a great part of any game whether that be clothing, cars, bases, and more. I think customization in a Predator would be a NEEDED feature. Over the course of many years, we’ve seen many different types of Predator styles, Elite, Young Bloods, Bad Bloods, Elders, Predalien, and more.

I feel like a feature at the beginning of the story where you can customize the look of your Predator, head design, style, the color would make the story that much more special, but the customization wouldn’t stop there, you’d go on to customize the style of the Predator with different types of armor from different time periods on Earth, Medevil, Roman, World War 2, and of course, Modern Day, among a few others. I just believe that this would make the game even better for everyone.

I really do hope that some game studio either decides to work on a Predator game or even see’s this article (somehow) and this pushes for a game to be made, there are a few great studios that could handle this type of game, especially a somewhat open-world game.


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