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Why Pedro Pascal Will Still be an Integral Part of The Last of Us Season 2

The Last of Us season 1 finished today with Look for the Light. I will say this show has been absolutely incredible. We never reviewed the show but I don’t think there would’ve been an episode that wasn’t 10/10 for us.

It proves one thing. Video game adaptions into series or movies often flop because they try to change too much. They do this because it often allows producers to change things and make them a bit more twisty and unexpected. This has never worked, Resident Evil is a prime example of this. The Last of Us worked so well because it was ripped, episode for episode from the game.

Those of us who played the game knew exactly what was going to happen during the course of the season and that’s okay. It’s also okay for those who didn’t play the game too.

In this section of the article, I will be delving into spoilers from The Last of Us Part II game. If you haven’t played the game, please click off this article now.

We reported back on January 8th, 2023 that The Last of Us has been renewed for a second season. You can read the article here if you have missed the news. Neil Druckmann, the mastermind behind this entire world confirmed the news himself.

Those of us who played the second game know that Joel dies in the early stages of the game. He dies brutally at the hands of Abby, the daughter of the doctor Joel kills in the hospital in the season finale. This is her motive as to why she does what she does.


This has led to some disappointed fans claiming Joel won’t star in the show. In all honesty, he won’t. Bella Ramsey will be the leading star along with whoever is cast as Abby. This however doesn’t mean that Pedro Pascal won’t reprise his role as Joel.

Whilst he does die pretty early on and will most likely be episode 1 of the new season. There is still a lot of Joel in the game in the form of flashbacks. 4 years pass between the first and second games. We see a lot between the two during this time.

We see them attend a history museum which has a beautiful scene. We also see Joel teach Ellie how to play the guitar. We do get to see the moment Joel admits what really happened at the hospital resulting in Ellie forming some resentment towards Joel.

So granted, Pedro won’t star but he’ll likely still be in the season a fair amount.

If they continue what they have done this season then I’m all for it. I fully expect the controversy to restart again. If you’re unfamiliar with this then the moment fans learned of Joel’s fate, it kicked up a massive stir. Even to the extent of the voice actor and the girl behind the design of Abby received death threats.

It’s pathetic. I hope this time the controversy can be put to a side since we literally know what’s going to come. After all, The Last of Us Part II is a fantastic game. I would’ve preferred Joel but it’s not a bad game and has a very solid story. Season 2 will be brilliant I have no doubt about it.


This is all speculation of course. There are some conflicting rumors about how season 2 may go so this entire article may be completely wrong and that’s okay. I am judging this based on how season 1 went against the game.

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