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Why Star Wars Eclipse May be the Best Game to Ever Exist Within the Franchise

After five years, I finally got around to playing Detroit: Become Human again. I enjoyed it when I first played it at launch, but I never got a chance to play it again until now.

As I played the game, I came to understand the depth of it. The range of choices available, the various dialogue options, and even the smallest details all contribute to an exceptional interactive experience.

Quantic Dream stands out as a unique developer due to their branching options in their games. It is evident that they invest a considerable amount of time and effort in their game development. Even Heavy Rain provided an outstanding gaming experience.

Once you switch this type of game over to the Star Wars universe, it will undoubtedly provide a distinctive and unparalleled gaming adventure for all Star Wars enthusiasts.

Currently, there are only minimal details available about Eclipse, aside from a gameplay trailer and a synopsis.

Set during the High Republic era, Star Wars Eclipse™ is an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.


It seems that the game will follow the pattern of Detroit and Heavy Rain, allowing players to control multiple characters who each have intricate and fascinating backgrounds. Players have the opportunity to make choices for each character, influencing the final outcome of the game, which can result in several possible endings.

One of the things that makes the previous two games so great is the amount of intensity they have. The writers did a fantastic job of building up the characters, which makes players care about them. If a character dies in the game, they’re gone for good, which adds to the overall experience. Additionally, the stories in those games were already intense, so I have high expectations for this one to be just as good, if not better.

What I enjoy most about these games is that almost every major decision is up to the player. Within reason, you can control the game’s flow and determine how you want your characters to behave.

I find it intriguing that the new series is set in the High Republic, an unexplored section of the Star Wars universe. The upcoming Acolyte series will also delve into the High Republic, taking place 100 years before The Phantom Menace.

I am eager to witness some new and original narratives unfold, as I find myself a little fatigued of the Skywalker era. There are endless possibilities waiting to be explored, and I am delighted that Quantic Dream has chosen to embark on this journey. This decision will also allow them to exercise their creative freedom to the fullest extent.

I believe that Quantic Dream’s attention to detail in their games will make Eclipse one of the most immersive gaming experiences to date, not just in the Star Wars universe.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

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