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Why Supergirl’s Final Season Has Been A Massive Let Down

I haven’t hidden my opinion that since the show returned from its initial hiatus it’s been less than great. It’s been extremely poor to put it as bluntly as possible.

It’s a shame. Considering the first 2 seasons of Supergirl were amazing, you could add the third season into that as well.

Since then it’s been a rollercoaster, and oftentimes the shows has been more of a dumpster fire than it has been good, albeit when the moments are good, they’re very good.

It was announced earlier this year that season 6 would be the final season. Adding on from that and the DEO eventually crumbling I half expected the final season to truly go all out. I even expected it to absolutely embarrass Superman and Lois on their debut.

How I was wrong.

It started off strong with Lex returning. He’s been the best part of the show since he was introduced, he managed to even trap Supergirl into the Phantom Zone and we got multiple episodes of her struggle inside of there. It was all going so swimmingly…


Until Nxyly. And Lex just, left?

She was a great addition to the Phantom Zone storyline, and she adds a lot in that regard, but as a full-blown villain for the season? No.

She’s not compelling enough. So far she’s added nothing to the story, or even felt like a threat although in turn she actually is. Her story should have ended with the Phantom Zone. Since she broke out of the “dream world” (despite having no idea how she actually ended up there) she’s done nothing of impact.

The totems, the “connection” between her and Kara is a ripped-off storyline. I’ve mentioned it twice in my 2 previous reviews, and I’m happy to mention again that it feels like a Deathly Hallows rip-off from Harry Potter.

We all know this is the final season, and after this that’s it. So consider me baffled when they’ve added brand new stories and abilities for characters? I don’t get it.

Kelly has become Guardian, Lena’s a witch? Okay. Both of those are fine, I don’t mind, but I just feel like it’s far too late to start building on their characters now when once the season ends, it’s very plausible we won’t hear from those characters again unless they’re brought back for cameos or crossovers in other shows.


Not to mention, Dreamer has been in the show for a substantial amount of time now and cemented her place in the team. Brainiac mentioned when he first met her that in the future she’s one of the most powerful beings to exist.

So why are we around 6 episodes from finishing the show and we are still yet to see Dreamer master her powers? See her at her true potential? Another completely wasted character.

Speaking of wasted characters this season, what’s the actual point of Andrea? To bring back some nostalgia with Catco? It isn’t working. She’s not Cat Grant. Every single one of her lines sends me into Cringe Land and I struggle to return from there whilst she’s on-screen. Why do the writers keep proceeding to give her such terrible lines? I’ll never know.

I believe they should have brought in a villain that is truly impactful, and yes, I hate to say it but use one of Superman’s villains. Brainiac was such a good idea, and I even wrote about this quite some time ago. You can read that here.

Considering we have a Brainiac on the show already who is one of the better parts of the show, using the big-bad Brainiac would tie in perfectly with that as well. They did use Brainiac on the Krypton show so I can’t see why they couldn’t have done that here to give the show the biggest send-off possible. Despite its issues, it does deserve it, and most of all, Melissa Benoist deserves it.

Even if my opinion is that the season has been trash, some of the characters have kept me invested above all else. Supergirl, Alex, J’onn, Lena, and Brainiac are the five people why I still kept watching the show.


I did also mention in a review a couple of episodes ago that my only excitement for this show is when it finally ends, and that’s ringing more true with each episode. It should be explosive, edgy with cameos splattered everywhere as Arrow got in its final season yet this, I don’t even know what this is anymore.

The show has lost its touch compared to the opening 2-3 seasons, that’s a given. The last episode when we saw Kara return back to the first episode where she saved the plane feels like a lifetime ago, and when you go back to watch that season, you realize just how out of touch the showrunners are with the show now. It’s such a damn shame, and it makes me sad.

Melissa Benoist feels like she was born to play Supergirl. She possesses all the amazing qualities that Supergirl does, looks the part, and despite what anybody thinks, I think Melissa deserves so much more.

Currently, the average rating for season 6’s Supergirl stands at a 6.9/10, with I believe 6 more episodes to go so it can still grow from that.

However, as it stands, out of the many shows we’ve reviewed this year, the only show that sits behind this at present is Legends of Tomorrow.

You can watch the promo for the next episode below;


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