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Why The 2017 Power Rangers Movie Was Actually Great – Unpopular Opinions #13

First off, I loved the movie from when I first saw it. I watched it twice back to back because it gave me a new story of this team and characters I loved as a child. It expanded the Power Rangers lore so much in this one movie which was the absolute perfect set up.

1. Story

The story was set up differently from what was shown on the TV show, which in some things can be a bad move by switching characters up as they did for the movie, however, this movie nailed the story for both the plot and characters.

2. Backstory

The movie also expanded the history of Rita and Zordon and the Ranger team millions of years ago. It showed us the Ranger team which was lead by Zordon, it showed us them being annihilated by Zita as the green Ranger and it showed us Zordon calling in the Asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs and trapping Rita in the ocean.

3. Character Development

Let’s talk about the characters themselves. We got Jason played by Dacre Montgomery who was a high school football star who kept getting into trouble, Billy played by RJ Cyler, the movie completely changed Billy, he was autistic and intelligent who was bullied, Trini played by Becky G who was having trouble relating to her family as well as struggling to make friends and questioned her sexual orientation, Kimberly played by Naomi Scott who sought redemption because she was part of a Cyberbullying incident and finally Zack played by Ludi Lin who in the movie took care of his ill mother, he had feared he would return home and find her dead, he was also bilingual.

If this isn’t immense character development then I don’t know what it, the movie took risks for changing the characters vastly compared to their TV counterparts.

4. Suit Designs and Zords

The suits were amazing, yes I was a little bit disappointed we only got to see the suits towards the end of the film but even the suits were completely changed from the show. The suits were a part of the Rangers DNA. The design of the suits was amazing, they were so nice and the helmet designs were fantastic.


The Zords were incredible and designed so well. They actually felt like actual dinosaurs and not just a giant block robot like the TV show. The design of the actual Megazord was so well done that I debated buying the legacy figure of it.

5. Tommy Oliver Tease

The film ended with a fully-fledged team of Rangers who became a family. The ending even teased Tommy Oliver and If we would have got a sequel, I can imagine how amazing and brutal and ruthless Tommy would have been as the evil Green Ranger along with Rita returning.

I don’t know why people decided to trash this movie, it was great, it made me feel every emotion, especially when Rita ended up killing Billy and Zordon using his only chance at returning to life on Billy to bring him back.

The 2017 Power Rangers film deserves a sequel, the fans deserve a sequel and the cast deserve a sequel. It would be a big missed opportunity to let this cast go, I mean we have Dacre who starred in Stranger Things, Naomi who starred in Alladin which gained over $1 million at the box office, Ludi Lin who was cast in Aquaman which became one of DC’s best movies which also gained $1 million at the box office, Becky G who’s focused on making her music and RJ who’s been in Black Lightning, Swamp Thing, and other stuff.

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