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Why The Star Wars KOTOR Remake Being A PlayStation Exclusive Is Not Great

As a PS5 owner, and predominant user, I have to say I am overly excited by the fact we’re finally getting the Knights of the Old Republic remade with the current technology.

The game has lived in many Star Wars fan’s minds for a lot of years, considering it’s still down as one of the greats.

So why is this not a great move? Well, even as a PS5 user, it’s unfair on the Xbox fans. It’s also unfair on the developers that they’re undoubtedly losing money due to the exclusivity of the game, more so that there are millions of fans that are incredibly excited for this.

Granted, the original KOTOR was a PC and Xbox exclusive, but this is likely due to the fact the KOTOR series was predominately made to be a PC game, and the port from PC to Xbox was a lot easier back then, as Xbox had similar architecture.

I understand that games like Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive. Sony owns the character, so it makes sense they’d much prefer the character to remain on their gaming platform.

Other exclusives such as Forza, Halo, God of War, Horizon, etc were all made by the company-owned studios. These have been exclusive since the beginning, and it’s one of the points that drives us to choose between Xbox or PlayStation.


I know it’s likely Lucasfilm Games will be in a prime position to ensure Xbox users do get to play this game, but I believe it won’t be at launch. It’s very likely due to reports that Xbox users will have to wait around a year to play this game.

It’s simply not fair on any gamer to have to wait to play a game that so many hold close to their hearts. I only played the KOTOR games around 2015 for the first time, but I loved them so much I was desperate for a remake.

Lucasfilm has made quite a few Star Wars games in the past or been involved, and most of them have always been cross-platform. Even EA’s run-ins with the license such as Fallen Order, and the Battlefront series were cross-platform, so Star Wars fans no matter the platform have been able to enjoy the content.

This isn’t like the games I mentioned above such as Gears of War, this is an already established franchise that should be available for gamers on PlayStation, PC, AND Xbox.

It’s quite clear that we will end up in a similar scenario with the Elder Scrolls 6, now that Microsoft owns Bethesda, and granted that will be worse. Established franchises like this should absolutely be available on all platforms.

I understand as a PS5 user that any new game Bethesda and Microsoft make will be an Xbox exclusive, and that’s okay. The same way most Xbox users understand that the Spider-Man franchise will likely remain a PS exclusive permanently.


Both consoles have fantastic exclusive games, but KOTOR should not be one of them in my eyes. And as I’ve mentioned a couple of times, this comes from someone who only plays on a PS5, and doesn’t play on Xbox, yet.

If you haven’t watched the trailer for KOTOR, you can watch it below because it looks awesome!

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