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Why We Need A Creed Video Game

March is the release month for the third installment of the Creed franchise starring Michael B. Jordan, with the release of the movie, comes marketing, an essential tool in making a successful movie at the box office.

Within the last few years, whether people like it or not, one of the major marketing strategies is a collaboration.. with a certain battle royal video game.

Fortnite. One of the most significant battle royal video games to date, with a ton of collaborations from Resident Evil to the Matrix. Fortnite has insane collaborations and quests within the battle royal game. The latest collab is Creed.

With this collaboration, you get quests, and if you choose, you can buy a skin of Adonis Creed or Michael B. Jordan. It’s incredible skin, I expected only the skin but you got 4 different variants of the skin, as well as a different colorway.

I’ve been rocking this skin in-game for a couple of days now, when I’ve played games, my mind has raced to why we haven’t got a purely focused story-driven game set within the Rocky universe, especially with how big the Creed movies have become.


A story-driven video game focused on the career, life, and upbringing of Adonis Creed would be great, it would make for an expanded universe from Rocky Balboa, to Adonis Creed, and so forth.

As a video game player, when speaking about sports games one of the major things is that we truly haven’t had a great boxing game plus campaign since Fight Night Champion. It’s been years.

I honestly think that a Creed video game would be insane. I also believe that it’s something Michael B. Jordan should be considering creating. It’s obvious that he loves this character just as much as Sylvester Stallone loves Rocky.

Even Rocky has had a game for two, I remember being young and playing the Rocky Legends video game, it was great.

I would love to see a video game set within the Creed universe, I know there have been games but it’s only been for VR (virtual reality), which not everyone has, or wants.


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders of Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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