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Why We Need A New Force Unleashed Star Wars Game on Next-Gen Consoles

We got 2 Force Unleashed games back in 2008 and 2010 by LucasArts. They both followed the story of Galen, who was taken by Vader after standing up to him after Vader killed his father in front of him.

Galen was given the name of Starkiller, and was subsequently trained by Vader, and became his secret apprentice. Of course, there’s a lot that happens, but his original missions tend to be hunting down remaining Jedi.

In a nutshell, he turns against Vader and turns to the light side. There’s moments throughout both games where you get to choose a path which adds the element of choice during the game.

In the second game, it’s a similar situation except this time Galen is a clone – but regains the memories of the original and continues the journey he was originally set on.

So, we look at it, and think, yep, this would be great for a third. The reason why is the game was just exceptionally well done for its time. Not to mention that Starkiller was voiced and modelled after none other than Sam Witwer.

In the original games, you could change the colour of your lightsaber, and do some crazy missions including pulling down a Star Destroyer with just straight-up force.


Whilst Starkiller is now in the Legends category, some would say he was far too overpowered when created, which to an extent I do understand. However, he was trained by Darth Vader. We can all guess as to how gruelling and brutal that training would have been.

The story could easily pick up from where the second left off, or a soft reboot could happen, either way, I’d be over the moon with that.

With the original 2 games being on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC, there’s been a lot that’s happened with the hardware since then. We’re now 2 generations ahead in terms of technological power, not to mention PC is and always will be ahead. So, what does this mean?

When you play the original, they were just on par with their time. However, with all the new capabilities the possibilities were endless. Mainly when you played the original 2, there was really only 2 choices you got at any given time. This could go down the route of completely multi-choice. Want to stick with Vader? Do you want to go to the light side? Do you want to dabble into a bit of both? Why not?

The one thing I loved about Fallen Order was the ability to completely customise the lightsaber to your liking, all the way from the hilt, the buttons to the colour of the blade. It wouldn’t be too difficult to introduce that into this.

Starkiller for me personally was a very likeable character, even when he was in full-blown Sith mode, so bringing Sam Witwer back into the fold would be a no-brainer.


So in a sense, you could bring over the technology used in the Fallen Order games to create a Force Unleashed game. There’s a lot of aspects used in there that could easily implement well in this series.

There have been rumours of a Force Unleashed 3, however, these come from very unreliable sources – and at this stage, it does seem very unlikely the game will be revived. As of now, we know a KOTOR game is in the very early stages, Fallen Order 2 has been greenlit, and Ubisoft are working on an open-world game.

However, like many popular games and with an audience that would love to see this return – who knows? It could happen, and I for one would absolutely love to see this happen. Honestly, at this point – even if just a full-blown remaster of the original 2 happened, I’d be happy. There’s something that just hits the sweet spot when you’re playing with an extremely overpowered force user.

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