X-Men Fancasts I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing

It will not be long before X-Men join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and when they do, that’ll come with some castings so why not speak about some now and just to see if any come to light later down the light? With fan casts, this is strictly my opinion and therefore, will be different from yours.

Glen Powell as Scott Summers

I’ve seen a lot of people wanting to see Glen Powell as Scott Summers and some even wanted him as Johnny Storm but honestly, I can not see him as anything other than Scott. I think he would fit the role perfectly and would be such a great X-Men leader.

Alexandra Daddario as Rogue

Honestly, this casting could be a rogue shout. No pun intended. I love Alexandra Daddario. Everything I have seen her in I have thoroughly enjoyed watching. She nails the project with some great acting and heart so I believe she could pull off the Rogue character. Although, I think people would disagree.

Austin Butler as Gambit

Ever since I watched Elvis I have been such a fan of Austin. I can see how passionate he is about the roles he takes as seen within the Elvis movie. He embodied him. He became this character so much that he actually began to sound like him after the film. I believe he could pull off an incredible version of Gambit.

Kellan Lutz as Logan

I will forever shout for Kellan Lutz to be Logan. He has the build, the energy, the talent, and the broodyness to become Logan. We got hints at this within Twilight and Expendables 3. I will continue to campaign for him for this role. Even though there are others that could fill this role, Kellan will forever be my number 1 pick.

Victoria Pedretti as Jean Grey

Honestly, this is a new fancast for me, I have only saw her role in “You” and I think she could pull off the role of Jean Grey if it was done in a similar fashion as Jean was in the X-Men ’97 and classic X-Men cartoon show.


Thomas Ian Griffith as Magneto

This is purely based on his role in Cobra Kai and the look that he had in that. The look he had in Cobra Kai is so similar to the version of Magneto we see in X-Men ’97 that it’s incredibly accurate. I think he could do a decent job at Magneto but I believe Marvel would want someone more popular.

Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X

I wasn’t a fan of this at first but the more I saw people talk about it and how well he would do. Seeing Giancarlo himself speak about wanting to have this role has actually changed my mind on the casting. We’ve seen him as the villain so it would be an interesting dynamic to see him as the good guy.

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