X-Men Marvel Cinematic Universe Fancast

With the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next few years, I want to put my personal fancasts out there and why I think these castings would be perfect.

Justin Hartley as Scott Summers AKA Cyclops.

Now for some people, this would be a weird “WTF” casting but for me personally, I think Justin would kill the role of Cyclops and that natural leader role. He was a fantastic Green Arrow and I think he suits the role of Scott Summers.

Taron Egerton as Logan AKA Wolverine?

For a lot of people, they want Taron as the next Wolverine, however, I’m one of those that are not sold on this casting 100% I’m in the region of 70%. Without a doubt he’ll kill the role, he’ll throw himself into the mindset of Logan as seen in how he literally transformed into Elton John. I see him as Logan but I can also see him as Daken!

Alex Pettyfer as Alex Summers AKA Havok.

I think Alex Pettyfer could make for one great Havok. I’ve loved the character of Havok since I saw the X-Men Evolution cartoon back in the day and this casting would be perfect. There is some resemblance to Justin Hartley as well. I hate to say it that I personally would love to see Lucas Till reprise his role as Havok.

Dacre Montgomery as Bobby Drake AKA Iceman.

Another “WTF” casting… While most people would want to see him as Cyclops, Wolverine or Angel I personally think he would make for such an interesting take on Iceman, especially after Iceman’s latest run-in Marvel Comics.

Jamie Foxx as Lucas Bishop.

Jamie Foxx has been in a comic book movie before… The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Elektro. While he smashed the role I would love to see him don the image of Bishop in the MCU. He wouldn’t have to be in every movie but he could show up now and again. Foxx would also go nicely alongside Josh Brolin as Cable.


Jason Clarke as Hank McCoy AKA Beast.

Jason Clarke has quickly risen to someone I love watching in any movie he stars in from Lawless to the Terminator to the Serenity. I would love to see him as Beast because he has the look, the acting capability and would make such a good version of Beast. He is old enough to be kind of a mentor to the younger X-Men.

There you have it, just some of my X-Men fancasts for the MCU debut of the characters.

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