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3 Things I’m Excited For In Star Wars “The Acolyte”

With the latest Star Wars project about to be released in June, I am excited to see everything they bring to the live-action screen once again, especially with this series being set in the high republic era of Star Wars, something that we have not seen in live-action yet.

With such little marketing for the series, in my opinion, everything I have saw I have liked. So it makes sense to list 3 things that I am excited to see within the series.

1. The High Republic era

I love Star Wars, everything that has come from Episode 1 to Episode 9 of the movies, all of the books, cartoons, movies, and TV series that came in between the films have all been set around the “Skywalker” franchise. So I can not wait to see some High Republic-era stuff, whether that be planets, characters, Jedi, and Sith alike.

Charlie Barnett, Dafne Keen, and Lee Jung-jae in The Acolyte.

2. The Sith

While not much is known about the Sith in this series as of yet, we do know that they will be a key feature in the main characters’ dark side arc in the series. I want to know more about the Sith in this era of Star Wars, I want to see how brutal they are too.

3. The whip lightsaber

While it may only be in the series for a split second, I am so excited to see the lightsaber whip in action. Something I have wanted to see in live-action for the longest time. It’s just such a unique weapon and something that a lot of people do not know is a thing.

Honestly, people might not be excited about this series for a lot of reasons but I can honestly say I am excited for it and I will be tuning in to every episode I pray that this is the beginning of some epic stories from within this era.

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