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Black Lightning “The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming” Review

Season 3 Episode 14 “As the battle continues, old alliances are revisited and new alliances forged.”

What I Liked?

1. Straight of the bat we get some clarification on who’s actually in charge of the Markovian army. The leader is none other than Gravedigger who was got introduced to last episode.

2. TC is checking on Khalil’s firewall inside the chip thats inside his brain. Everything is steady for now. Gambi speaks to Khalil about dealing with PTSD and how Gambi coped with it, He found a way out in tailoring and makes suits and Jennifer told him that Khalil was a artist so it could be his way of getting out.

3. Lynn was actually decent this episode. She found her last supply of Greenlight and I thought she would of took it but she managed to stay away from it and give it to Jennifer to destroy. The Pierce family wants a fresh start so they all say a secret and tells each other. Jefferson however wants to one up everyone and tells them about him saving the universe.

4. Brandon’s hatred of Dr Jace and just how much he truly hates her. She killed his mother and he kept her ashes and turned them in crystal’s and used them to stab Dr Jace. This scene was powerful because not only did we find out how much he hated her but how much he also needed her to find out about his father.

5. Gambi was a mad man this episode. He tortured one of Lady Eve’s men, cut out his eye and told him to tell her where to find him. Lady Eve goes to see him and gives him the “nuclear football” and it’s very important because we finally see what’s on it.


6. Khalil glitches out and we see him go inside the chip where the Painkiller program breaks the firewall and tries to regain control but Khalil has to fight him to put him back behind the firewall, while this fight is happening, Khalil’s body is choking Jennifer and knocked out TC and Brandon.

7. We get to see the backstory for Gravedigger. How he became to be known as Gravedigger. He was around in the war where he was getting racially abused until one day he snapped and attacked people so he chose to become a test subject. He was the first meta human and has been living like a king in Markovia.

What I Disliked?

The fact that Jennifer is still mad that Anissa never told her about Khalil even though he was a mind controlled Assassin who would of killed her without hesitation.

Favourite Moment

Seeing Black Lightning, Thunder and Grace go and protect the meta humans from the Markovian attack and essentially have to save the ASA soldiers too.

Standout Character

Gambi takes it this week, he was a man on a mission and felt like he was the only character that had a actual story to tell this week.

The Verdict

This episode felt like a step in taking this series to a whole new level of amazing action and great story telling. We got answers to question’s that were asked in previous seasons. We got to know the main villain of the season too.


Rating: 8/10

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