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Could A “Starkiller” Disney+ Show Work?

Starkiller is a fan-favorite character from inside the Star Wars realm, once thought of as a part of Canon then moved into the “Legends” aspect of Star Wars, we met a couple of versions of the character of Starkiller, voiced and motion-captured by Sam Witwer in The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed 2 video games.

But could a Disney+ show work for the character? Well, in my opinion, it’s a yes and a no question.

A live-action show could work for the character of Starkiller, it would bring in that unique aspect of Star Wars which is fully focused on one Force user who has been trained by Darth Vader for 20+ years, imagine the fight scenes we could get with Starkiller. It would be insane.

If it was to happen, it could easily begin with him being Darth Vader’s secret apprentice or even follow the story of the games just translated to live-action with obviously better fight scenes and action sequences. This would give Disney a way of bringing Hayden Christensen back for even more Vader live-action projects.

If they were to bring Starkiller into the Canon universe, they could easily give him the backstory of him being Vader’s secret apprentice or even bring him back as the 8th brother in the Inquisitor faction, as there were plans to have the character of Starkiller appear in the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Now let’s move onto why it wouldn’t exactly work as a show.


One of the main reasons why it wouldn’t work is simply “Canon”, many people know what is Canon and that is it, they only know the movies, and The Mandalorian and soon to be other series like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor which will be debuting in the near future.

They don’t realize that the universe of Star Wars is so much more expanded in Legends, better stories, better characters, and of course, better developed already established characters like Luke Skywalker. Starkiller is Legends so they wouldn’t know the story unless they’ve played the games.

Since it’s been years since the last game and Starkiller has been pushed into Legends material, the character of Starkiller has been essentially left behind in the video game aspect of Star Wars, which would be it’s downfall if he was brought onto a Disney+ series.

Many people would come away from the show saying things like “This guy is just a copy of Anakin or Luke” or “This is purely just a Luke Skywalker rip-off”, and to a point, yes, but in some peoples eyes, Starkiller is much stronger and more powerful than those two, even though Anakin is the chosen one.

Even if it didn’t work in live-action, Star Wars could do a similar series as Marvel with their “What If…?” series, each episode focused on a different “What if” story from inside the Star Wars realm, I think they are dipping their toes in with the upcoming series “Star Wars: Visions”.

Imagine a series where we would get animated episodes of “What if… Mace Windu survived” or “What if… Anakin stayed loyal to the Jedi Order” this would be an insane series to watch with so many endless possibilities for stories.


Photo: Starkiller “The Force Unleashed”.

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