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Doom Patrol “Flex Patrol” Review

Season 1 episode 13 “Rita tries to sooth Victor during a difficult time while the rest of the team finds Flex Mentallo and try to help him regain his memory.”

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. The episode starts right where the last episode ends.. The Ant Farm is chaotic and we see Vic holding his father Silas. Rita checks his pulse and we find out he’s still alive but barely. Jane teleports the Doom Patrol and Flex Mentallo back to the mansion then teleports Rita, Vic and Silas to a hospital.

2. Larry isn’t feeling good since the energy inside him isn’t inside him so he goes to lie down and then we get a flashback to 1961 where we see Larry in a containment suit back at the Ant Farm. The energy comes out of Larry’s body and goes to attack the Ant Farm agents but they threaten to kill Larry.

3. The episode then takes us to the hospital where Silas is getting the help needed.. Vic is worrying and is telling Rita that he allowed the seed to be planted in his mind so Mr. Nobody could manipulate him. Rita then walks out to wait in the waiting room, she has a chat with an old man and then goes back to speak to Vic. Rita get’s through to Vic and leaves him with the chip to reboot Grid which Vic does.

The Bad

1. Flex Mentallo starts the episode as this big hero in a small town.. then a child starts to shout for help which Flex goes to investigate, the child points to a cat in a tree so Flex being a hero gets the cat from the tree which captures him to take him to the Ant Farm.


2. Cliff and Jane try to get Flex to use his powers. Cliff punches a hole in the TV to make Flex angry but he just starts to cry…

3. Another episode which has little to no action scenes, it was slow paced and boring.

Holy Shit Moment

Larry and the energy’s bond is quite incredible.. For most of the episode they were separated which slowly started killing Larry. Larry tells the Doom Patrol that the only reason he didn’t die was because that energy was in him saving him. Larry speaks to it and tells it to go live its life to which the energy flies off to the front door but realizes it wants to be with Larry. Larry nearly died.


Very slow paced episode.. no real plot line other than a few key bits of dialogue and Mr. Nobody at the end of the episode which slowly puts us on course for a Good vs Evil showdown.

Rating: 5/10


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