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Doom Patrol “Therapy Patrol” Review

Season 1 Episode 7. “After a violent outburst from Cliff, the team engages in some self-led group therapy — leading to some growth within the group as the members grow closer.”

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. A solid episode this week, as we look back on the childhoods of our heroes. We see some important progression to the heroes. Rita Farr is a stage name. Cliff’s parents were abusive to each other. Cyborg was close to his mother, and still then, never trusted his father. Larry’s parents knew he was gay from a young age. This was paramount to the story as we move closer to the group working together. Each character has had so much backstory to the point I understand who each character is, and know them well enough to relate at certain points.

2. On this episode we see right at the end a mouse who saw it’s mother die by the bus from the first episode. Mr Nobody instructs the mouse to get revenge, and control the mind, so it goes for Cliff. We see Cliff struggling to keep his emotions in tact as he’s vexed over his daughter, and Bob, the man who’s playing father to his daughter, Clara. This brings the realisation to the character, knowing in that situation you feel the sympathy towards Cliff. It’s a heartbreaking watch at times, because of how helpless Robot Man looks, and is.

Cyborg is using a Tinder styled app, that his recently upgraded system allowed him to see social media notifications. He begins talking to a lady who’s on a bus, his AI system automatically shows him a live cam, he sends her a photo and she’s put off. This prompts Cliff to spear Cyborg claiming it was Clara. We find out later this was the mouse playing tricks on Cliff, but a fight breaks out. At one point, Vic goes full Kurt Angle and Olympic Slams Cliff, then delivers a swift German Suplex later on. This was strong all around, from all fronts. Cliff’s anger and emotional issues, followed with Cyborg who deep down, wants to live a normal life. They endure great chemistry on screen, and they’re just a joy to watch. Whether they’re arguing, or standing side-by-side, it’s a pleasure to see.

3. Let’s give a nod to Cliff trying to eat toast. I will move on now.

4. After Cliff’s aggressive take and coming back down to reality, he calls upon a therapy session for the group to talk. I absolutely loved this. Each character tells the group of how they feel. Each character is feeling a different emotion, and I will explain. Let me know in the comments if you agree with it. Moving on, it prompts an argument with a back and forth insult with Cliff and Jane, both brutally honest, and very offensive to one another. Therefore, Jane walks out. Seeing the group unload of the very thing that’s holding them back was both sad, but uplifting. This could be the very thing that brings them closer together as a group. After all, they need it, don’t they?


Here’s the emotions they display.

Cliff is angry. Jane is, well, crazy. Larry is ashamed. Rita is embarrassed. Vic is guilty.

They all display these emotions due to their past, so the therapy bringing all of those emotions to the table, I think can work wonders.

5. The lack of action in comparison to this episode I think was a good thing. Purely down to the therapeutic nature of the episode. Showing more and more progression, and finally nailing down the things that are really holding our heroes back.

6. Does anybody have a counter on how many times Cliff says “fuck”? I’ve never heard that word said so many times in my life, it’s crazy because it actually fits his character so well.
Also, does anybody actually age in this programme?

The Bad

A bad? As I was writing my notes for the review watching the show, I struggled to find any bads to add to this episode. Therefore, my first episode thus far with zero bads.


Holy Shit Moment

The WWE moves on Cliff had me laughing. A German Suplex, and an Olympic slam both delivered by Vic on Cliff. Although these two moves delivered more action in this episode than the last couple episodes, it was brilliant to see Cyborg’s reactions.

The Verdict

Solid episode. From the first few minutes I was truly engaged. It delivered emotionally on all fronts with each character as we learn more about their backgrounds, and secrets. The episode I feel was written perfectly, and although I’m begging for action, I truly think the episode didn’t need it, and I never felt myself on the end of my seat hoping for a fight scene. We got two WWE moves, that was enough. I really enjoyed this episode.

Rating 9.4/10

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