Godzilla Vs. Kong Delayed Again

Movies are once again on the move with their release dates. But luckily this time it isn’t that big of a move and is basically a US move only.

Warner Bros. announced that the film would release 2 months earlier than expected from May 21 to March 26 which was a nice surprise to fans around the world.

But unfortunately, the movie has been delayed by a week and will now release on March 31, 2021, which is not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Godzilla Vs. Kong will release on March 31 in both theaters and on the streaming service HBO Max.

However, the monster movie will release internationally in places where HBO Max has not released (their fault) but the movie will release on the original date March 26. Which is a slight win for international viewers.

Many fans on Twitter believe this move is to make room for Zack Snyder’s Justice League as that is also rumored to be released in March.


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