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James Cameron’s Avatar Is Overrated – Unpopular Opinion #26

First, let me state that this is my own reflection, opinion, and thoughts about James Cameron’s Avatar movie, his sequel, and any upcoming movie in the franchise of Avatar.

Don’t get me wrong, visually, the Avatar movie is stunning, it’s beautiful. The scenery, the planet, the water, the leaves, and everything like that is gorgeous. What isn’t is the actual visuals for the Avatar species.

I get that it was released in 2009 but I see people holding this to a high standard of CGI when it isn’t. The characters look like rubber in some shots, it looks off compared to why people praise it.

One of the primary reasons why I believe it is overrated is because of the story. It’s average at best. After the new trailer for the upcoming sequel movie was released, I recently decided to go back and rewatch the first Avatar movie and I sat there watching it thinking to myself “what makes this story stand out?” I couldn’t actually think of anything.

I will say the story for the character of Jake was ok, it wasn’t the best but seeing this paraplegic marine get a new lease on being able to walk, run, and other things were ok. It wasn’t the best and I will forever agree with this opinion.

In my opinion, one of the major factors as to why this movie did the numbers it did was simply the 3D technology. This movie was one of the first movies to be released in 3D when that technology was introduced into cinema.


I went to see Avatar opening night because I was bored, I had nothing else to do so I went to see this. The 3D technology was unique, it was a major talking factor back then. The 3D aspect of the movie helped elevate everything in the movie, the colors, the CGI, the water, flying, running, everything was elevated and that is one of the major factors it had to get the money it did.

Recently it was revealed that James Cameron is already working on the 6th and 7th movies in the world of Avatar, He’s currently shooting the 4th movie which is one-third of the way completed, and he’s just recently finished filming the third movie.

I get that this is his passion, his love, but is he not thinking about if the movies will not do as well? I mean the first Avatar movie has made $2.923 billion at the box office, is he truly expecting the sequels to do better than that number?

I love movies, I watch them religiously but I do not think each movie will continue to create those types of numbers.

I do hope that the CGI for the Avatar’s looks and feel better than it did in the first movie.


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders of Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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