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Let’s Talk: Christian Bale Wants To Join The Star Wars Universe

Over the past few days, statements and/or quotes have been released stating that Christian Bale has said he wants to join the Star Wars universe and that he still has the original toys from when he was a kid.

Now, could Christian Bale be a decent addition to that universe? I personally believe he would be.

Christian Bale is a fantastic actor. Some of the roles he has had over the years have been incredible. Not to mention the body transformations he’s gone through for said roles. If you look at some of the images it is genuinely incredible.

His recent role in a movie was Gorr the God Butcher, while I do have my issues with Thor: Love and Thunder, he was one of the standout things I actually enjoyed about the movie. The prosthetics that he had on in that movie were decent so he could easily do the same to join the Star Wars universe.

The thing about joining Star Wars is literally a plethora of characters to choose from. From canon material to the expanded universe, the character choice is insane. While the past few days I have heard and seen some huge names from inside the Star Wars universe that people would like to see him as my personal favorite is Starkiller. It low-key makes sense too.

While making theories is decent, especially about Star Wars. This one theory is insane and is only being backed up by Star Wars themselves. This year we’ve had a couple of live-action Star Wars shows. In any live-action movie or TV show, there tend to be “easter eggs” hidden in the background. In Obi-Wan Kenobi, Starkiller’s lightsaber was clearly seen on-screen, while you might think nothing of it and it’s a “one-off” thing, it doesn’t seem to be.


Recently in Andor’s fourth episode, there was a scene set in a room of antiques so to speak. In this room, we had everything from the Gungan’s shield in the Phantom Menace to a bunch of Star Wars Rebels easter eggs. For a brief second, we get to see a set of armor in the background, while many fans or “casuals” would pass over this. Hardcore fans would notice something important.

Starkiller had a very distinctive helmet in the Force Unleashed game. THIS HELMET APPEARED. It was in the room of antiques.

Could Christian Bale join the Star Wars universe as a somewhat older Starkiller and finally bring Starkiller back to canon lore again? We can only hope.

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