Marvel Subpoenas Instagram To Expose A Leaker

Last week, footage from the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World appeared online. With the film due to be released in 2025 but the footage was posted to an Instagram story by a well-known scooper which Disney and Marvel disliked.

Disney and Marvel have appeared to subpoena Instagram to find out who is behind the social media account. The scooper in question shared that the fourth Captain America movie would be retitled and that turned out to be accurate a month later.

While leaks are often unavoidable at times. When a public social media account manages to post official leaked footage of a movie, it’s a huge no to the companies. The footage which was shared by “CanWeGetSomeToast” was brought to Marvel’s attention by a senior Disney paralegal and after an internal discussion, Marvel’s intellectual property holding, MVL Film Finance, went to court in California.

Through a DMCA subpoena, the movie company aims to find out who is behind the scooper account. Specifically, Marvel wants Instagram to unmask the person or persons connected with the account in question.

While the stories on Instagram do disappear after 24 hours, Marvel would like to know who is behind the leak. According to a declaration from VP Global Security and Content Protection, Matthew Slatoff, the Captain America footage was posted without authorization.

According to a DMCA notice sent to Instagram in late April, the contested story included a “leaked, pre-release image” of the Captain America film which wasn’t approved for distribution to the general public. The film company wants Instagram to share all relevant information such as names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and payment account information.


As of the time of writing, a court clerk has yet to sign off on the DMCS subpoena, which is a formality, unless Instagram decides to object. While “CanWeGetSomeToast” isn’t a “newcomer” to leaking stuff regarding movies, Marvel and Disney must have been aware of the social media account for them to finally take action.

This is certainly not the first time I’ve personally seen Marvel target people as I’ve seen the company target several Reddit moderators after the entire script for “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” was leaked onto the Marvel Studios Leaks Reddit.

The film company also cracked down on Spider-Man No Way Home leaks in 2022 as well. I hope Marvel begins to take serious action against leakers as they ruin the movies or shows that are coming out. I get stuff that will be leaked from behind-the-scenes photos but willingly leaking information and footage is a huge No. It’s disrespectful to the company, the actors, and the fans.

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