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Ms. Marvel Season 1 Review


Ms. Marvel is a show that I was honestly very excited about when it was first announced. My love for the character came out after Marvel’s Avengers video game.

Fast forward to the show being released on Disney+ and I have to admit, the show in its entirety wasn’t great. There were flashes of brilliance throughout but ultimately the story just fell flat for me. It didn’t feel like a proper Disney+ exclusive show that we’re usually used to.

One of the reasons for this is it took too long to actually go anywhere. We got her powers in the first episode but besides that, everything else was dragged on when it shouldn’t have been.

I understand the show needs to delve into the background, more so with her powers but I still feel like they’ve made a mistake here. Turning Kamala’s powers cosmic instead of the standard stretch powers didn’t work well. Due to this, the show had to spend so long centering attention on the bangle and the powers instead of getting on with it.

One of the arguments I see when people defend the powers is that the reason they turned her powers cosmic is due to the fact Mr. Fantastic has identical powers and will obviously be introduced soon. However, this argument falls flat.

Reed Richards is a genius and is part of the Fantastic Four, Ms. Marvel is the cheerful hero that always does the right thing. Should it matter if the powers are identical? Surely not, I believe if the two were to cross paths in the MCU it would be better entertainment as they’d connect. They really didn’t need to completely switch up Kamala’s origins.


Also, further switching up her origins in the finale suggests that Kamala is a mutant and not an Inhuman. Nope. I hope they really don’t go down this road. Kamala is an Inhuman. I understand they messed up with the Inhumans show but this isn’t something that should be touched on.

Despite the complaints about the dragged-out story, powers, and origin story, the show did have some amazing moments. The final episode truly showed the potential the show did always have. The suit, the name, the connection to her family, and her ability to stand her ground and fight were everything that was needed. It’s a shame they only managed this on the 6th episode.

Overall, I had higher hopes for the show. It didn’t help that the show aired alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi as well which I feel has affected the show’s numbers. It was an afterthought to that show until Kenobi ended. It needed better care and attention. I am worried about the future of Ms. Marvel’s character in the MCU.


One of the things I want to talk about in this section is the antagonists, and what was of them anyway. We technically had 3 when you look at it. Najma, Kamran and Damage Control. When I watch a superhero show, one of the many things I really look forward to is the main villain of the show.

None of those 3 really impacted anything in any way when it comes to being a villain. Najma just died. Kamran wasn’t really a villain and Damage Control just looked like morons in the finale. There was at no point during any episode that a villain of the show truly blew me away.

When we look at the positives, I want to look at the main one. Kamala Khan played by Iman Vellani. I stated in multiple episodic reviews how great she is. When she first wore the suit in the finale, it looked like she was ripped straight out of the comics. The mannerisms, characteristics, personality, it’s all there. Marvel has definitely done an exceptional job in the casting decision here.


There are other characters here such as Kamala’s family that deserve a mention. I really did enjoy the relationship Kamala formed with everyone as it made for a much better emotional connection. Besides these and a few side characters, there wasn’t a huge scope of opportunity for other characters to shine. Bruno was a solid character as well, bringing that tech aspect to Kamala’s superhero journey is always welcomed.

Standout Character

I already mentioned it in my characters section but it’s definitely the star of the show as is, Kamala. Every single episode she blew me away. Even when the episodes weren’t great, her presence on screen made everything a little bit better. Although the actual superhero side of Ms. Marvel I have issues with, Kamala herself and her personality are amazing.

Favourite Episode

The finale, it’s an easy decision. I have already discussed the finale at great lengths during this review so I won’t go into it any more than I already have but the finale is definitely worth the wait for what was a pretty poor season.

Worst Episode

It has to be the fifth episode, Time and Again. The point I made earlier in the review about the show needing to explain to us about the powers without just going down the comic route, is a prime example of that. The show wasn’t great and only hit a 6.6/10 with us.

Episodes & Their Ratings

Episode 1: Generation Why – 7.2/10
Episode 2: Crushed – 7/10
Episode 3: Destined – 9.8/10
Episode 4: Seeing Red – 8.8/10
Episode 5: Time and Again – 6.6/10
Episode 6: No Normal – 10/10

Average rating – 8.2/10


Our Overall Rating 6.6/10

There’s a drop in what our average is to our overall. The reason being is due to the few good moments the show had. A 10/10 episode for the finale and another 9.8 episode. All in all, the season wasn’t amazing. It had flaws but some flashes of brilliance.

Does It Deserve Another Season?

Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels which is the Captain Marvel sequel. I believe depending on how that movie goes, she could definitely return for a second season. The show’s potential was there and proven in the finale, a second season wouldn’t be as slow as the first.


Ms. Marvel is only available on Disney+ as it’s an exclusive show. You can see more on by visiting Disney+ by clicking here.

Season Trailer

The Review

Story - 6
Action - 5
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 7
Episodes - 6
Antagnoist - 3
Quality - 9



Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels which is the Captain Marvel sequel. I believe depending on how that movie goes, she could definitely return for a second season. The show's potential was there and proven in the finale, a second season wouldn't be as slow as the first.


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