Nightwing Vs. Black Widow – Superfight #4

*Please note. These rules are made up, sometimes in instances to give the other an advantage dependant on power. We are also aware there as thousands of scenarios and rules, however in what we have described below is the rundown we would like to give.*


Electrified batons

Black Widow

Electrified batons
Stun guns (tasers)


Dark night, an unlit road with two lanes. Cars parked on both sides of the road.


– Similar to TITANS, Nightwing’s brutality forces Natasha to intervene
– Both are completely aware of each other
– Widow gains little preparation, Nightwing has none


– No morales from either side
– Both are very familiar of the area
– Winner: first to either death, or Nightwing’s “arrest”
– Reinforcements are off limits


Our Predictions

Daniel – “This is one of the tougher superfights we’ve had, however my money will go with Nightwing on this particular occasion. Basing on the brutality from Dick then this would show in a fight. Not to mention the vast amount of training Nightwing has received from Bruce Wayne. His Nightwing suit also allows him to move quicker and be more agile. Nightwing takes this, but not without taking a beating first.”

Phil – “My choice is they would both absolutely take the fight to one another, both getting huge attacks on each other, however, in the end…Nightwing wins. Purely because of his intensive training from none other than Batman. Especially in hand to hand.”

Rebecca – “Morales here for Nightwing, considering he would kill and he’s more brutal than what Natasha is.”

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  1. Natasha is far more ruthless that Nightwing and she’s more experienced……She fights monsters,chitauri,Ultron robots and more which puts her ahead of Nightwing. It would be a close call but in the end the super spy (killer instincts) should give her the win

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