Pennyworth “Martha Kane” Review

Season 1 episode 3 “Alfred accepts an assignment from photojournalist Martha Kane that turns increasingly dangerous.”

What Was Good?

1. You guessed it by the title, Martha Kane. Finally connecting the dots to the Wayne family. What’s even better is the fact she’s going by Kane in this before she’s married to Thomas. Connecting the dots to Batwoman’s origins as well. If you watch it, just think when they’re talking in the bar, he will later be her butler. It’s just weird.

2. Dave Boy, what a guy! He’s absolutely hilarious. When Alfred gets the job to get the homosexual man (we see them earlier in the episode, with the realism of how it was back then continuing) on a plane. He consults with his team, and earns £5 per hour for the job. The chemistry between his team is just amazing.

3. Alfred’s intelligence in plans is always interesting. As a team show up and destroy the generators powering the runway for the plane, the guys are trapped inside the bunker. His plan helps get rid of the people trying to capture the tech. It’s one of those moments you have to watch to understand just how clever Alfred genuinely is.

What Was Bad?

1. Alfred visits Esme’s father to seek blessing to marry his daughter. We learn that Esme is actually a lady with a massive inheritance on the background. On the contrary basically Alfred doesn’t get her fathers blessing, so shortly on he’s drowning his sorrows in a bar with a drink. Esme was well aware he never got the blessing. Now, the bad comes from Alfred. Being a whinge, and too good in this instance. I actually liked Esme’s attitude here, she doesn’t care about the inheritance or the background, Alfred does. In the end of the conversation, she becomes the whinge as well. Admits that she likes the fact he kills people, and storms out, yet again. A terrible start if I’m honest.

2. After praising Dave Boy, he completely torn that apart. I don’t even know what is going on at this point. He wakes up, and he’s in a room where Baz and others are playing cards. He’s just drunk, clearly suffering from the effects of being at war. The scene played no pivotal point to the story, and you can see the awkward tensions between Baz and Wallace. At one point you think they’re up to something but they’re not.


Holy Shit Moment

Holy shit moment came right at the very with the, well, “former” leader of the Ravens Society. He’s dumped at the end with no nose and no leg from the looks of things. It’s just setting up nicely. Brutal ending.

The Verdict

Quite a slow episode in the grand schemes of things. Some interesting plot development, and some solid scenes but overall it never had the power the previous episodes had. However, with the developments it’s setting up the rest of the season perfectly.

Rating: 8.2/10

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