Pennyworth “The Bleeding Heart” Review

Season 2 Episode 5 “While Alfred and Daveboy run one last job for Gully in order to buy tickets to America, tensions ratchet up at Raven Union HQ between Harwood and his lieutenants.”

What I Like?

1. We see Alfie still on his mission to get to America, more specifically, to get to Gotham. He needs 3 seats on the next plane, but they are expensive with London being in a war. He refuses to lend the money from Thomas Wayne because he doesn’t want to be in debt to the CIA.

2. Alfie is quite a prideful man, however, in this episode, we see him have to swallow his pride and go ask Gully for another job to get the cash needed for his flight.

3. Lucius Fox is still undercover at the Raven Union HQ, He sneaks into the communications room and sends a secret message to Thomas Wayne informing him he needs out ASAP, however, Thomas is asleep and misses the fax.

4. Bet has been an annoying character for me personally, however, she wasn’t this week, we come to learn why she is the way she is. She had a little sister called May who drowned in a river on the way to school and Bet got the blame for it. This is caused her to become this horrible person.

5. Alfie, Daveboy, Gully, and his crew plan to rob an arena in which is holding a fight. The plans go out of the window as you’d expect. Because of what happened in the robbery, Alfie’s mother gets angry, she slaps him and forces him to leave her house and not to return.


6. Gully takes Badger out to the woods because of what Badger caused in the robbery, they speak about one of their previous missions they did together before Gully puts a bullet in the back of Badger’s head.

What I Disliked?

Alfie is in a right state after the robbery and being kicked out of his mother’s home. He ends up going to his club where Gully’s wife is there with a black eye. The two end up sleeping together. This is going to come back and bite Alfie, I can just see it happening.

Favorite Moment

Alfie, Daveboy, Gully, and the crew start their heist, 2 lookouts while Alfie, Daveboy, and Gully pull off the heist. The fight stops early which causes their plan to go off the rails. They still manage to rob the safe but are getting chased by fans in the arena. Badger shoots a few people and ends up killing one of the fighters without his mask.

Standout Character

Surprisingly this episode was different, Daveboy actually got the standout this episode. He was the most clear-headed one out of him and Alfie.

The Verdict

An episode in which surprised me because of how good and serious it was. The episode had its moment of humor too. The episode had me hooked from the beginning. I can not wait to see what happens between Alfie and his mother going forward.

Rating: 8.6/10

Photo: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 5



Story - 8
Action - 9
Characters - 8
Entertainment - 9.5



An excellent episode this week which was very surprising.

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