Revisiting DC Universe’s Swamp Thing – Is It Too Late For A Comeback?

It feels like everybody has forgotten all about Swamp Thing. The show debuted in 2019 on the worst streaming platform to exist, the DC Universe. It wasn’t even shortly after the first episode it was announced the show would be cancelled after the first season.

There was a lot of talks that it was due to the studio going way over their budget, but the plausible answer is that it was around this time Warner Bros struck a deal with HBO Max for exclusive content moving forward.

Titans and Doom Patrol went to HBO Max and Stargirl went to The CW. So where did that leave Swamp Thing?

Well, it just ended. On a cliffhanger too. There were talks of The CW picking the show up but that obviously never materialized, and despite the show being surprisingly well done and received, it’s unlikely now the show will make a comeback.

As I mentioned earlier, it seems now a lot of people have moved on from it. It’s a shame as well, the first season was extremely entertaining.

When we reviewed the show, it ended on an average of 9.2/10. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, as it had all the aspects of a Swamp Thing show you would want.


The issue is, that show was so well done I struggle to believe another studio could get the premise right. The cast was perfect as well, which adds to the further sadness of it.

Whilst it’s now almost certain the show won’t be brought back for a season 2, I also believe that it’s now too late. The main reason being is that it’s a forgotten show that never reached its proper potential.

I wrote this article as a friend of mine was discussing the show, and he asked this very question so I thought I would express my thoughts on it.

It’s also disappointing knowing how much of a flop DC Universe was. When you have a nearly perfect show, perfect story, with a perfect cast and it’s canceled nearly immediately after the Pilot was a poor move in the first place.

I know a few people at the time turned off from it, because, what’s the point?

You’re watching a show that’s already been filmed, and a script written with the plans at the time would have been for a second season.


I was right, as it ended on a cliffhanger but we will never know how that end story would play out in the end.

Swamp Thing, the show that could have been but never was.

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