Robert Pattinson’s Batman Is Going To Be Exceptional

For us here at Comic Universe, we were avid fans of the idea that Pattinson could actually pull off Bruce Wayne/Batman. Even well before he was actually cast in the first place.

So, imagine our excitement when the unlikely actor we wanted is actually cast to play one of the most iconic characters of all time.

People passed it off simply because of Twilight, whilst forgetting that he hates those movies, and has acted sublimely in many different movies. It’s not all about him being the sparkly vampire, Edward.

The minority of people also forget that Heath Ledger was slammed when cast, as was Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and even Joaquin Phoenix for the Joker. So, understand that I’m slightly sceptical of this minority’s opinion when we’ve all seen this before. Understandably people didn’t like the trailer and have valid reasons to not like it, and that’s okay. I’m okay with that, it’s your opinion. But simply slating the character for previous work, or comparing the character to Affleck or Bale is ridiculous.

One comment I see was the hairstyle we see in the trailer and actually slammed him for it. Forgetting, AGAIN that Bruce Wayne is in the early days of his Batman venture and dealing with an extremely corrupt police department, with multiple murders, AND the Riddler calling him out. Would you have time for a haircut? Give over.


In the trailer, you can see Bruce Wayne is in a LOT of pain. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. We can blatantly see this multiple times throughout the trailer.

Matt Reeves has confirmed this Batman will focus on the more detective side of Batman. Something we have never seen much of in the past, and it’s something we actually get a glimpse of when we see Batman working with the police on a murder.

Matt also confirmed that this movie will begin in the very early days of Batman, and focus on that first year. The movie will not focus the origins, as Matt mentioned this has been done beautifully in the past. I believe by now, everyone knows the origins. We’ve seen it multiple times, and it’s the exact reason why Marvel skipped this out of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as well.

Robert Pattinson looks incredible in the suit, and actually has a good look for Batman. Especially being in the first year, and still technically training.

He’s more brutal, as we saw when he battered the guy at the end. Something I feel like the character desperately needs. We got glimpses of this with Affleck’s version, and the version in the Injustice video games so this makes sense to go down that route.

Most people are now fully on board with this, and that’s great stuff. Some people aren’t, and that’s great too. You’re entitled to your opinion. There’s those still on the fence, but are still willing to give it a chance, that’s brilliant too!

Then there’s those just simply slamming the actor for reasons that are pathetic.


“His hair is bad”
“Sparkly vampire, no thanks”
“Bale is better”
“Robert Pattinson can’t act”
“*Inserts Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 3 gif*”
“Don’t like”

Those were just a small portion of the comments we got ourselves. Constantly referring back to Twilight just shows how narrow-minded people can be, calling him names off the back of it. Twilight as much as Robert HATES it himself was actually a worldwide monumental success, and his performance in that was great.

There is a lot of people still on the fence, and that’s good. It’s good to be sceptical about an iconic character. We’ve had a dozen or so photos and 2 minutes worth of footage.

If you’re so deep in mind that you hate Robert and won’t see it in theatres then good. Honestly, from this point, there’s no changing that. That’s okay, but we’re going to see the movie day one, and will thoroughly enjoy a brand new Batman experience Matt Reeves promises us will be fantastic.

Here’s the trailer;

Here’s also 3 images of Bruce that were initially leaked;

Please note, any comments just straight up slating the actor will be removed and banned from commenting. However, if you GENUINELY dislike this in general, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to get your thoughts on both why you like and dislike the trailer.

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