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Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 – First Impressions

Spider-Man PS4 was an amazing game with exception of the downloadable content that came after it. Throughout that game we saw Miles be introduced, we got to see his “origins” and we got to see the spider bite him.

In a post-credits scene, we saw his powers in use when he shows them off to Peter. It was only months ago when Insomniac Games announced a PS5 exclusive “Miles Morales” game focused on Miles 1 year after the events of the PS4 game.

No one knew what to expect, but with each trailer, each announcement, each suit showcased, the hype continued to build and build. I was super hyped for it. I purposely never played the PS4 edition of the game so I could experience it fully on the PS5.

Well, I officially got the game and played a few hours of it, doing missions, side missions, and just naturally swinging around the city as Miles. This article is just to give my first impressions, a full review will come shortly.

The Story

So far after a couple of main mission’s in the game, I was fully immersed in the story, Miles first outing on his own without the help of the OG Spider-Man.


Side-Missions & activities.

The side-missions and activities are cool, each one feels different and plays out even more different. Their fun little fights to get your exp, skill points, or tokens to unlock more suits.

Swinging about & Free Roam

This game was announced as an “expansion pass”. A DLC of some sort. It might be classed as that, but it’s not, it has the same city as Spider-Man ps4 and the open-world is huge, especially for a rookie like Miles.

Swinging around as Miles is perfect, I sat for an hour just swinging around the city, they nailed the swinging in Spider-Man ps4 but made it, even more, better in this game. It’s perfection.

As I mentioned, this is a first impressions article, our full review should be out in a couple of days and we’ll go into much more detail but for now, this game is a lot of fun. 10/10 would recommend.

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