Stargirl “Summer School: Chapter Five” Review

Season Episode 5 – As Pat and Courtney clash over their next steps in their search for Eclipso, ominous weather conditions in Blue Valley hint that he may be near; Cindy’s plan to recruit another student takes an unexpected turn.

What I Liked

1. An interesting opening scene there as we take a little sneak peek into Cindy’s childhood. I hope they touch more on this as I’d love to see how she became who she is today!

2. Meg DeLacy is an incredible actress and her portrayal of Cindy and being the villain of this season has been amazing so far! I know some of this is Eclipso, but Cindy’s anger definitely plays a big part. Now it seems she isn’t just targeting the JSA, but really anyone that she can, such as a teacher.

3. I love the way Pat included Mike in the work the JSA was doing. My heart was breaking for him seeing how bored and lonely he was trying to find a place, to remain relevant to the team.

4. I love how much it focuses on Cindy when talking about the Black Diamond and how “she controls it”. She quite clearly believes she is Eclipso’s master and not the other way around. This will be an interesting take throughout the story I think because eventually, I’d imagine Eclipso will take full control.

What I Disliked

I have to throw this in here as the rating will take a slight hit this week on the action. The final scene was incredible do not get me wrong but up until this point, there was literally no action at all.


Favourite Moment

The team noticed a strange change in the weather over their high school and as they arrive they notice Mr. Dysinger’s car is still parked. As they enter the school they come across the art room which has been completely destroyed, but nobody to be seen. This scene was absolutely incredible as we see Eclypso get into each person’s head, using their weaknesses against them. Beth with her parents, Yolanda and Brainwave, Rick and Solomon Grundy. The scene was by far the strongest out of the episode and ended as Eclipso tries to use his powers through Mr. Dysinger. A big moment for Courtney as she saves him using her staff. This scene was so dark and had the kind of Thriller/Horror feeling to go with it!

Standout Character

The standout this week is going to the villain, Eclipso! A strange villain, I’m not even sure he has a life form, but none the less he is brutal and this episode showed us just how much! He pretty much effortlessly destroyed the team without even laying a finger on them. I’m so excited to see what more he can bring to our screens this season.


A great episode this week! Every character played amazing in their role, I loved the story and how well it is advancing with Cindy/Eclipso as the villain.

Rating 8.3/10

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Story - 9
Action - 5
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 10



A great episode this week! Every character played amazing in their role, I loved the story and how well it is advancing with Cindy/Eclipso as the villain.


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