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Supergirl “American Dreamer” Review

Season 4 episode 19 “Dreamer becomes National City’s protector while Kara works to clear Supergirl’s name and gets into a showdown with Ben Lockwood; James takes extreme measures to get over his PTSD.”

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. Kara is keeping Supergirl laying low so we will be getting more reported Kara in the next couple of episodes. We see Kara wanting to do a piece about Lex to try to expose him. She wants someone from Amtrak to go on record but since her source is a alien, she get’s scared and drops out of being Kara’s source. At the end of the episode we see Kara and Lena trying to figure out what Lex has planned and they find out they need to go to Kasnia.

2. Lena, Alex and Brainy are trying to figure out what is the problem with James, we see them run some tests and see James gain some abilities like Superman & Supergirl, we see him floating, heat vision and enhanced strength. Throughout the episode we see flashbacks as to why James missed his fathers funeral, he missed it because some bullies chased him and locked him in a coffin. We come to learn that with each panic attack he gains a new power.

3. Nia (Dreamer) has been practicing with her powers as well see some new abilities from her this episode too. She’s essentially patrolling the streets while Supergirl lays low. She protects some Aliens hiding out in a bar from the Children of Liberty.

Kara later wants Dreamer to do a interview to give aliens hope because Nia is half alien and half human. Dreamer does the interview and inspires aliens but Agent Liberty comes to arrest her and a huge fight ensues. Dreamer becomes National City’s beacon of hope for aliens.


The Bad

1. Lena has a go at Kara because Kara wasn’t there with Lena while she was doing tests on James because Kara was doing a story on Lex. Lena says her best friend Kara wasn’t even there for her but Supergirl who doesn’t trust Lena was there for her. i’m kind of bored with Lena not knowing Kara is Supergirl.

Holy Shit Moment

Because of Ben Lockwoods actions taking innocent aliens to detain them he get’s his wife killed. Early in the episode we see Lockwood detain a alien while threatening the aliens wife, at the end of the episode we see the aliens wife running out of Lockwoods house and we see she had killed Lockwoods wife because of his actions.

Lockwood invades Catco and is shooting up the place looking for Dreamer and when he goes to find Dreamer with a gun, James is there and breaks Lockwoods hand with his enhanced strength.


Even though the episode was packed with action, it did feel like a filler episode. Dreamer was the stand out hero in the episode, she was great. James gaining Kryptonian like powers is very interesting and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Rating: 7/10


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