Supergirl “Magical Thinking” Review

Season 6 Episode 14 – Nxyly gets hold of the Humanity Totem, causing chaos throughout National City. Meanwhile, Esme meets her new foster family and Lena attempts to cast her first spell.

What I Liked

1. Nxyly does manage to find the second totem from a fighter, and what I like the most here is that everything was just so easy for her. She asked for it, the fighter gave it to her, she activated it, and that was it, everyone went crazy as per usual. I am glad this totem wasn’t as drawn out as the first one.

2. Some really touching words from William as Lena is struggling to cast one of her mothers spells. He goes back to a time with his dad and baking, uses that in a scenario that matches Lena’s struggle to cast the spell. It was a fairly nice scene and again, further shows that William is being held back.

3. As Kara, William and Lena head to the Botanical Gardens so that Lena can finish her spell, we actually surprisingly get to see William in action as he takes out a couple crazed people, and looked damn good in doing so. Lena does manage to cast the spell but it backfires. It does affect Nxyly though as she’s unable to kill the guard.

4. After Lena causes a spell to the city more crazed so that Nxyly feels more compassion, some of the scenes that follow were actually pretty good. J’onn stopping a carjacker, Nia wiping out the 2 guys and Nxyly crying over snow leopards being close to extinction.

5. Supergirl actually had a pretty good moment. Brief but impressive. She stops a lady from being robbed and it looked like she was about to be shot before Kara jumped in. She took the shots from the gun with ease. As he shoots again, she slows down time and watches the bullet pass, picks it back up and throws it off his head. This is what we need to see more of with Supergirl. She’s a Super, we need that slight arrogance more.


What I Disliked

1. As the game night kicks off, and the group are discussing everything, the more I absolutely despise this entire story. Supergirl and Nxyly having a connection, Lena becoming a witch, it’s literally the Deathly Hallows C-grade edition. I put this in my last review, and I can’t help to put it again. Then on the back allowing William to interview them all for Catco as Alex put it; “public support” is just lazy writing.

2. Andrea is the most infuriating character ever. She’s been the most pointless character in the entire show, perhaps maybe the entire CW as a whole. The way the writers write her is absolute trash, and incredibly lazy. If I hear super friends one more time I’m going to scream. William was completely right in this scene about trusting sources, Andrea tells him to write about everything anyway. Just a pathetic scene, unneeded and I feel sorry for William’s character being so held back by Andrea.

3. Despite the fight scenes being incredibly fun to watch, I have to point out a major flaw. Nia takes out 2 guys near a bus stop, then a couple of shots later they’re fighting again outside of the stadium. I could be wrong, but I rewinded the episode numerous times and it was still the same. It’s stuff like this that says to me they just don’t care for the show anymore.

Favourite Moment

As the family Esme is with abandons her purely because they realise she’s an alien with powers, Alex turns up as Esme and Kelly await for Social Services. In a very emotional twist, it looks as though Alex and Kelly will be adopting the little one as Alex did want to have children anyway. The way Alex and Kelly look at each other, knowing full well the life Esme will have in Social Services and deciding to take her in was a beautiful, touching moment.

Standout Character

William was brilliant this week, and brought a lot more to the story and pacing of the episode than the majority. His journalism bravery alongside his actual courage fighting off crazed people was a sight for the show. It needs that injection of someone who’s not cringe when it comes down to it and I feel like William slotted in there perfectly.


A vast improvement from last week’s episode, but still very average. Next week doesn’t look any better. It’s a shame because I was so excited for this final season but instead, I’m disappointed in the Deathly Hallows remake.


Rating 6.6/10

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Story - 6.5
Action - 6
Characters - 7
Entertainment - 7



A vast improvement from last week's episode, but still very average. Next week doesn't look any better. It's a shame because I was so excited for this final season but instead, I'm disappointed in the Deathly Hallows remake.

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