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The AAA 2016 Power Rangers Video Game – That Never Was

Recently it was revealed on Twitter by Jason Bischoff that back in 2016 there were talks about releasing an “Arkham-style” Power Rangers game which would have been a triple-A game, as you can see this game never got made but there was talks as well as concept art among other stuff recent revealed and IT LOOKED AMAZING.

Originally it was “Project Nomad”, as was going to be an open-world co-op game that captured the energy, teamwork, and history of the franchise of Power Rangers through a fresh lens.

It was going to be basically “Arkham” Rangers or Gotham Knights, just 5 years before the Gotham Knights announcement according to Jason Bischoff. The entire artwork and concept art look absolutely insane.

Sadly, Jason was met with a harsh answer that there was no bandwidth or budget to support what seemed to be an incredible idea, however, he was told to explore and he did exactly that.

Jason called on old friends, they sat down and they built the pitch that they wanted to see, they came up with designs for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers looks which were never going to be the final design, he did really like the designs they went with, and I can see why.


The designs for the suits look perfect, they have an “armored” look to them yet you can see the designs for the original TV suit designs, and it looks, you can easily make out the designs on the helmets and each suit absolutely pops. They even have a hint of the 2017 Power Ranger movie suits in there.

The game wasn’t only set focused around the Mighty Morphin squad, the game was going to be the entire Morphin grid that would see multiple teams of Power Rangers appear throughout the game, similar to the Shattered Grid storyline, you would have teams like Zeo, Alien Rangers, Ninjor, the Space Rangers, and more.

I feel as though this game should be worked on if the Gotham Knights game is well done and well received. I feel like not enough studios are releasing open-world co-op games where you can sit down and just play and have fun with a couple of friends.

I feel like the world of Power Rangers needs this, we have got the Battle for the Grid video game but that’s a cartoon “Street Fighter” style game where you have 3 fighters fight against another 3, hardly any story to the game, and just underwhelming, I feel a game for Power Rangers similar to the Arkham games would do absolutely incredible.

Photo: Jason Bischoff.


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