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The Boys Season 2 Review

I don’t even know where to begin with this season, it was literally everything we expected and so much more.

The season brought back the entire cast from the first season which we all knew was happening as they began filming immediately after season 1 ended. We also know season 3 has already been given the green light and we’re extremely happy with that.

The season started off from the fallout of the first season. The Boys are in hiding, Butcher is missing and The Seven are still essentially lying to the world and are on top.

Stormfront is introduced pretty early on, and she was a huge part of the season going forward. Aya Cash did an exceptionally phenomenal job with the role, and made the character just as sinister, unpredictable and deceiving just like Homelander is.

That’s what this season does so particularly well with the villains. It’s that instability and unpredictability that makes you feel uncomfortable. Especially once Stormfront and Homelander become a couple. It just gets that much more intense – but in a good way.

The shows theme of being over the top, ridiculous and gory continues this season but double folds from the previous. Can we complain? Absolutely not. After all, this is everything we love about the show in general. Amazon Prime does a great job with this.


They also do a fantastic job in making the show different from the average superhero show that we often see on TV. Often times, especially with the CW, shows they’re mostly predictable with happy endings whereas this is just completely different.

Like, the superheroes are the villains and the vigilantes (I use that term loosely) are the good guys. How does it get better than that?

Vought is exposed this season, to be honest, I was slightly sceptical but being a multi-billion-dollar company, it’s no surprise they swung it in their favour given the circumstances. Which makes a lot of sense.

Talking about the characters there wasn’t many that were wasted. I’d be here all day typing if I was to give a shoutout to everyone who was perfect during this season because there was that many. I will give a special mention to Kimiko’s character this season. I actually really enjoyed Karen Fukuhara’s performance with the character, a lot more than I did last season.

There was however a couple of wasted characters this season that never really served much purpose when they should have. Maeve is a huge one. Until the very end, she did nothing even remotely interesting, and she was far more annoying than any other character.

Black Noir had moments but ultimately never did anything that deserved a mention for being a positive addition to the cast. Considering his comic counterpart is much better.


Overall, the season did very well. Almost perfect. It started from a point and followed through without many detours. It got to the point and I liked that.

The season was filled with action. It was intense, and everything more. I’m so happy the show has been renewed for a third season because at the moment, there isn’t many shows that are absolutely 100% deserving of another season but this one is.

I stand by what I said as well, the finale of this season is easily one of the best finales in any show, season, movie ever. Amazon truly made the finale feel like a finale. It was sheer perfection.

Let’s take a look at what we rated each episode out of 10, give an average, then we’ll give our overall review.

Episode 1 – The Big Ride – 9.5
Episode 2 – Proper Preperation and Planning – 7.3
Episode 3 – Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men – 10
Episode 4 – Nothing Like it in The World – 8.5
Episode 5 – We Gotta Go Now – 8.8
Episode 6 – The Bloody Doors Off – 10
Episode 7 – Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker – 8.5
Episode 8 – What I Know – 10

Average 9.1/10


A 9.1 is a fair reflection, although due to our ratings in overall consensus we would definitely rate the show higher. You can see our ratings below, however, if you’re on an AMP site it won’t show. We use our structure of SACE which is story, action, characters, entertainment. We add episodes into the fold on season reviews. So S-9.5 A-10 C-9 Ep-9.5 Ent 10. Giving a proper fair reflection into our overall thoughts.

Overall rating 9.6/10

What are your thoughts on this season? Let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts were.


Story - 9.5
Action - 10
Characters - 9
Episodes - 9.5
Entertainment - 10



I stand by what I said as well, the finale of this season is easily one of the best finales in any show, season, movie ever. Amazon truly made the finale feel like a finale. It was sheer perfection.

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