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The Flash “A Girl Named Sue” Review

Season 6 Episode 12 “After months of searching for Sue Dearbon, Ralph gets a lead on her whereabouts and finally comes face to face with his missing client. However, Sue refuses to return home to her family, and instead, takes Ralph on a daring adventure. Iris faces a new challenge while Barry considers a potentially dangerous request from a trusted source.”

What I Liked?

1. The real Iris is trapped inside the mirror dimension, having to watch her husband in Barry live a life with these fake version of Iris. Iris finally meets someone else trapped inside the mirror dimension… it’s none other than Eva McCulloch. She explains that she’s tried everything to escape and that she’s been trapped for 6 years.

2. Ralph’s story arc of him investigating the disappear of Sue Dearbon finally moved forward this episode when we finally got to meet Sue. Right away the connection sparks between Sue and Ralph. Everything felt so right.

3. Nash is still seeing a version of Wells but which version is it? For me personally it feels like the Eobard Thawne Wells. This could be a potential future story arc being set up involving the Reverse Flash.

4. Ralph reveals himself to be the Elongated Man to Sue. He also tells her that he won’t commit a crime in robbing a bank but he will help her get her life back.

5. Eva gets angry that she’s trapped and can’t escape after her and iris breaking the mirror. We come to find out she’s also a meta human because of the partical accelerator explosion and that Eva can control the mirror. This is another comic book character gender switch which didn’t need to happen but I’ll give it a shot.


What I Disliked?

Once again in back to back episode we’ve hardly had the Flash, this episode was a filler but 2 weeks running focusing on side characters and not The Flash is beyond a joke. We need to get The Flash more we had him for what? 3 seconds this episode?

Favourite Moment

Sue and Ralph break into a vault and take a safety deposit box. Sue then kicks Ralph and locks him inside the vault. Ralph comes prepared and goes through the fire system and out of the vault and tries to stop Sue but fails to do so.

Standout Character

It was a difficult choice this week. It was between Ralph or Sue and ultimately I decided to go with Sue simply because of the twist they did with her character.

The Verdict

Another week another filler episode. This week was a complete let down. I watched the episode thinking we’d get more of The Flash but we only got about 3 seconds of The Flash. The only semi decent think was the Sue story arc.

Rating: 7/10


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders of Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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