TITANS “E.L._.O.” Review

Season 2 Episode 11 “With Dick still in prison and Gar under the microscope at Cadmus, the remaining Titans are called together to save their teammates.”

What I Liked?

1. The episode starts off with us seeing Gar having brain surgery done by Cadmus labs scientists while Gar is still awake he’s saying some stuff that he said earlier in the season. This was unexpected, I didn’t expect to see brain within 10 seconds of the episode starting.

2. Rachel is having a nightmare of her being at someones funeral, when we see who’s name is on the gravestone it’s Dick Grayson just then he appears behind Rachel and tells her to not give up but then is stabbed through the chest by Deathstroke causing Rachel to wake up screaming.

3. Dick is sick in prison, he starts having this Bruce Wayne hallucinations again which is making him explain the situation that happened with Deathstroke, Jericho and is trying to explain to Dick how he missed these things and that he isn’t Robin no more that he’s grown up now.

4. Donna, Rachel, Kory and Dawn all receive messages to go to a diner in Elko, when they arrive they are all shocked to be in the same place but none other than the real Bruce Wayne has called them together to try to bring the family back together again.

5. The hallucination Bruce shows Dick a video of Slade doing some sign language in the seat when Dick went and spoke to him and Jericho’s mother. Dick is completely shocked by this reveal and decides he needs to leave the prison now.


6. We finally get to see who the mole was in Titans Tower all along… Many would of guessed but the mole is Rose. She rings Slade and tells him she quits and there is nothing he can do to stop her.

7. Cadmus Labs programmed a melody in Gar’s brain so when he hears it he rages out and attacks anyone near him. Will this cause him to attack the Titans?

What I Disliked?

1. Did I miss something or did Kory tell Dick that she’d be back when everyone left Dick at the tower so how did she end up on a very drunken mess by herself in Las Vegas?

2. Donna and Dawn refuse to help Dick even though they know where he’s at and Rachel was even begging them to help but they left to go back to San Francisco. Not going to lie, i’m sick of Donna blaming Dick for everything.

Favourite Moment

Dick vs Hallucination Bruce. We get to see who is the better fighter, We see just how good Bruce is although this is Dick just training himself to escape and become Nightwing.

Standout Character

Bruce Wayne was this weeks Stand Out Character simply because he tried to get the Titans back together and even Dick hallucination of him helped Dick by using his detective skills and showed Dick that Jericho was still alive.


The Verdict

The episode was great, so much was revealed from earlier in the season, Dick finally knows that Jericho is alive, we got a Nightwing tease this episode again. Bruce Wayne was amazing this episode.

Rating: 9/10

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One Comment

  1. I’m sure that was Kory’s intention, but she also didn’t expect to learn that her parents were killed by her sister or her having to kill her guard (I forgot his name).

    I can understand why Gar (and by extension Connor) were Donna/Dawn priority. Like they said that was Dick’s own doing, he put himself there. Also, form their perspective Gar/Connor were captured against their will (as noticed by the struggle that occurred and Titans Tower and they needed their immediate help.

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