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Top 5 Outstanding/Brutal Darth Vader Moments

Darth Vader, the former Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker is known to be not only one of the most iconic villains of all time but he’s one of the most badass and brutal villains of all time. This list will include my own personal favourite badass or brutal moments ranging from movies to comics to animated shows to the expanded universe.

05. Vader confronting Cal in Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order showed us Vaders true power and his true fear, Vader alone managed to strike down a Inquisitor, easily took down Cere and battled Cal for the list of children who were force sensitive. We got to see Vader counter Cal’s force abilities by stopping his lightsaber and stabbing Cal with it. Eventually we saw Vader stop tons of water from flooding the tunnel where he was.

04. Vader hunting a Jedi in his 2017 comic series

Shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith, Emperor Palptine sent Vader to go hunt down a remaining Jedi, get his Kyber Crystal and create his own dark side lightsaber. Vader still getting used to his new suit quickly found himself face to face with the Jedi, It doesn’t go Vaders way and once again he loses one of his legs in the battle with the Jedi… Unwilling to give up Vader takes a droids leg and hunts and kills the Jedi. We also get to see how angry Vader was as he stopped the Kyber Crystal from showing a potential future where Anakin returned to the light side.

03. Vader watches as Stormtroopers kill Owen and Beru Lars

Now this point I recently found out about. In Legends we saw how his hatred for Owen Lars and Anakin’s family fueled his decision to tell the stormtroopers to keep the hologram open for him to watch the troopers kill Owen and his wife Beru.

02. Empire Strikes Back lightsaber fight against Luke

The battle between Vader and Luke showed us how incredible he was with a lightsaber because while Vader was toying with Luke, Luke was going full force to kill Vader while Vader was just throwing him into things and giving no effort to kill Luke.

01. Rogue One

Rogue One offered us a great story but it also gave us the greatest Vader scene ever. We see how brutal Vader was on the ship literally cutting down everything in his way. He killed over 20 rebel soldiers and just destroyed everything in front of him.


Darth Vader is my favourite villain of all time. He’s brutal, he’s badass and he’s straight up iconic. I really hope we get some sort of live action series or movie solely for Darth Vader.

I think a perfect movie or series (giving it has a big budget) would be him hunting down remaining Jedi and working and training the Grand Inquisitor and Inquisitors.

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