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Where Are The New episodes or Season of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball Super is widely loved across the entire globe, the fandom is at an all-time high and the Super series was hands down the best bit of Dragon Ball content we’ve ever got from Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Super was the animation that brought me back to the fandom personally after being away from it since before the Buu saga back in the day.

Since then I’ve gone on to watch movies, old series, played video games, and even started collecting Dragon Ball memorabilia such as statues and cards from the trading card game. I’ve met so many great people who also love the series and universe.

One question that keeps getting brought up is;

Where is the new episodes?

The Tournament of Power concluded officially over three years ago… I repeat THREE YEARS. So where is the new series, the new episodes, and stories to enjoy in an animated style? I have conversations about this pretty much on a weekly basis.

It’s been three years, since then we’ve had one whole arc in the Manga and it’s already well into the second arc in the books, so why isn’t the Moro arc been brought to animation yet?

The last year has gone to chaos, the world got put into lockdown and a pandemic ran wild across the globe affecting pretty much everything from live-action movies and series to shipments and voice-acting.


Even the pandemic shouldn’t halt the episodes from being created this long. The three-year wait has been such a joke, I get that they need to write the Manga for the animation to continue and I’m fine with that but the Moro arc should have been out long before now.

You might look at this and say “well the pandemic has been an issue” and I agree it has, but I’ve seen countless voice-actors bringing home a studio to do voice-over work from, not only that but actually live-action actors have also made the studio’s in their own homes to do audio work.

Many people have also been working from home, like video game designers. Insomniac Games had to work from home and they put out one of the best games I’ve ever played in Mile Morales for the PlayStation 5.

I fully believe Toei Animation and Funimation are making an absolutely huge mistake not announcing or even releasing any episodes yet. The longer they wait the more people will switch off and not bother with it.

But then again with how long the wait is, the excitement of when it finally gets announced will be there but I truly think it won’t be as much as people believe it will.

Toei Animation need to listen and give the fans what they want.


Photo: Dragon Ball Super

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