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Why Darth Vader Needs A Stand-Alone Movie

Before we start; if you mention that “Vader had his stand-alone stuff in the Prequels, and sequels”, take a trip to the bin please. Simple as. This is NOT what I’m talking about.

I mean a fully-fledged Darth Vader movie set up a couple of years after Order 66. When Vader is pure prime and an absolute beast.

Before I get to how I would start the movie, let me give you the reasons why Vader needs, not deserves, NEEDS a stand-alone movie.

Darth Vader is a household name. Period. I have never met a single person over the age of 10 years old that has not heard of Vader, even if they have never watched a single Star Wars movie. You just know who he is. He’s THAT iconic.

Vader had a grand total of 8 minutes and 6 seconds or so in A New Hope, and still, from the back of that, managed to become one of the most well-known villains in the entire world. That movie came out 43 years ago, and people still cannot get enough of him.

Rogue One released in 2016, and Darth Vader had maybe around 15 minutes screen time in that, and still, his scene at the very end is what people considered to be the best moment of the movie. Honestly, if you’re a Star Wars fan, can you even get enough of this?!


Can you imagine if we got an entire movie like this? Vader hunting down the remaining surviving Jedi? Seeing just how ruthless, and the pure raw strength he has? No Star Wars fan would not want to see this.

We have saw a lot of Vader in his prime, but nothing ever live action. The Rogue One scene was about the most brutal we ever got of Vader live action. Anakin destroying younglins doesn’t count at that point.

So, how would I begin the movie?

Well, most casual fans don’t know that Sidious created Vader’s suit, but he had a hidden agenda. He put flaws deliberately into the suit to make it uncomfortable for Vader, he made it painful to ensure Vader turned all of that pain into pure rage. He upgraded the suit over time as Vader proved himself to make it more “comfortable”, to an extent, but the suit never lived up to it’s true potential.

There was also plans for a new suit for Vader. The suit would become lighter, more agile, and comfortable for Vader. However, the issue is it was essentially a 50/50 surgery, and would be incredibly painful for Vader. From what I did read, the plans were shelved when Palpatine learned of Luke.

Here’s a fan made concept of that the suit could have looked like;


This is all stuff that is in the books, and it is just so interesting.

Getting back to it. I would begin the movie during the events of Episode 3. The normal space shot right at the start, and it would pan to the Emperor’s ship, and it will show us Palpatine and his droids “creating” the suit, or working on it in preperation for Anakin to lose his battle to Obi-Wan on Mustafar.

We will also get to see the flaws he puts into the suits at such an early start. Basically, this would give us a clear understanding at just how sinister the Emperor really is.

Not in any particular order, but it should show us Vader training, getting used to the new suit, also getting used to the bacta tanks he needs when he’s not in the suit. More importantly, hunting down remaining Jedi. We should see the Vader Ahsoka Tano battle, the even battle that almost turned Vader back to the light side.

Here’s the Rebels scene of that particular battle;

We should also get to see Vader dealing with the loss of Padme. As much as fans never liked that relationship during the Prequels, it still plays a pivotal part during Vader’s history.


I don’t think the movie should be taken into a new trilogy, it could span over 1 movie, but quite long to really showcase the most famous villain that is, and will probably ever exist in our lifetime. Even Thanos could never reach up to the fame that Darth Vader did.

I’m still surprised Disney has not pulled the pin on this, or George Lucas back when.

Yes we know how the story goes, yes we know the origins. The most important part in Vader’s story has never been told in live-action. We’re getting Obi-Wan, we’ve had Solo, we’ve had Rogue one, so out of all those 3, why has the most popular Star Wars character not had his?

I know fans are calling for us to move on, and I’m behind that completely. The Skywalker series is done. As much as I want to see Ewan back as Obi-Wan, I’m just not fussed. I think once the Vader movie is done, then I can truly move on from Skywalker era. However, this movie technically will not be a Skywalker movie. Vader and Anakin, whilst the same person, they’re not the same. Even creators have said they’re completely different.

So, Disney. Give me a Vader movie. Please.


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