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Why I’m Excited for Titans Season 3

The show that’s seemingly always at the edge of ridiculous controversy somewhere, the show is about to make it to its third season; and we could NOT be any more excited for this.

Whilst understandably season 1 had issues, season 2 more than made up for it and I believe season 3 is where the show will reach its prime. The reason I say this is because there is a lot to look forward to here.

First and foremost, season 3 will introduce us to a first-ever live-action Red Hood. I spoke to Phil (the chief-in-editor for Comic Universe) about the possibility of Red Hood, and we both agreed that this would most likely be an arc we would get in the show’s final ever season. Not this quickly.

When the news was officially confirmed at DC’ FanDome 2020 it was met with a hugely positive response, with the exception of a small minority who hated the idea because of how Jason’s character was written.

I always said that we need to wait because we have no idea how he comes the Red Hood. We know in the comics, he’s beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker and resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, which creates a bloodlust.

I believe at this point, we can pretty much expect that exact situation to happen. In the official trailer for season 3, we hear the Joker’s laugh. We know Jason went his own way after season 2, so I expect him to find the Joker and this situation to almost play out the way it does in the comics.


Red Hood is one of my favorite DC characters of all time, so for the character to finally get the chance to shine in live-action is something I’m ecstatic for.

Next up is Nightwing. Season 2 was the beginning of Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing from Robin, and despite the storyline feeling super slow, it paid off in the end when he showed up to help the rest of the Titans against Deathstroke.

You cannot tell me this scene just wasn’t sheer perfection;

We only got to see that in the final episode, so now with season 3 on the horizon, we can expect to see Dick as Nightwing from that point on. Plus, not to mention the suit is literally a masterpiece.

Another huge reason to be excited about the show was the casting news of Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon. We will be getting post-Batgirl, once she becomes paralyzed because of the Joker. Whether or not we’ll see this happen is open for discussion, but if we see Joker kill Jason, then I see why we can’t see this happen either. You can read the article on the cast here.

Now, it wouldn’t be the Titans without Tim Drake, would it? Well, we’re getting him as well. Since Jason will become Red Hood, Dick has become Nightwing, which leaves the Robin mantle void. This is the perfect time for Tim to step in. Jay Lycurgo has been cast as Tim. Another article you can read on the casting here.


We do also know that it’s likely because of the number of additions to the cast that a couple of characters are set to leave the show. My money is on Hawk and Dove.

Bruce Wayne will be returning this season as well, as will the other cast members such as Raven, Starfire, and more. It’s going to be an action-packed season, and with all the news that’s come out about the upcoming season, how can you not be excited about it?

It’s one of the things I will absolutely give the showrunners and directors, they really have made sure the show comes to life, alongside the R-rated aspect which some people don’t like, I personally prefer it. It adds a dark element we don’t often see when it comes to a superhero TV show. The closest we’ve come to that was The CW’s Arrow season 1.

If you haven’t already watched the initial trailer, you can do some by clicking the video below;


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