10 Mistakes That Marvel Has Made Since the Release of Endgame

Marvel hasn’t had the best of times when it comes to their MCU in recent years. Granted, there’s been a lot that has gone right but in fairness, there’s been more that’s gone wrong. Now, there’s probably more than 10, we’re not debating that. We want to point out the 10 biggest things for us. This is coming from arguably two of Marvel’s biggest fans as well.

1. Thor: Love and Thunder, also the mess the character is now in

Perhaps one of the biggest Marvel disasters ever. This movie is a mess. Until this came out, there wasn’t a single movie we skipped during an MCU run, this is one of them. Thor became a joke. He did during Endgame as well but this was a step that went too far. I’ll never agree or like the direction this film went in and Taika Waititi should pass the helm on to someone that’s going to treat the character with respect. It’s why I’ve said, a 5th Thor film is desperately needed to redeem the character monumentally. A full film with the Infinity War attitude is where it needs to be.

2. The Marvel’s and a need to watch a show before the movie

There should never be a need to watch an entire season before watching a film. This instantly puts off viewers who casually want to go and see a movie in the cinema. Granted, when it comes to the MCU it’s always a good idea to know what you’re watching but usually for the casual fans, it’s a simple case of going on the day and watching a movie. When there’s an entire season to watch beforehand and you haven’t watched it, what’s the point? Marvel does need to mostly keep these universes separate unless you have no plans to further use a character like Loki for instance.

3. The Eternals is now a waste of time

I may be one of the very few that enjoyed The Eternals but now it just feels like a waste of time. From the characters that debuted, the villains that were shown, and the massive titan that is popping out of the Earth, all of it has just been wasted. No mention of it or anything. Marvel has announced it’s unlikely we’ll get a sequel movie to it as well which makes it even more wasted.

4. Black Widow was pointless

This came out during the height of Covid and was naturally subject to a lot of controversy in terms of how it was released. For me, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was when the film was set. We know Widow dies in Endgame and I just think the movie came out too late. Had this come out after Civil War and before Infinity War, it may have hit differently. It’s decisions like this that feel completely pointless. Why bother releasing a prequel when we know how Widow’s story plays out? I think it should’ve been a film that featured her, Cap, Bucky, and Sam – showing us what they were up to after Civil War.

5. Wasted TV hero slots like She-Hulk

Why bother pumping millions into She-Hulk? We’re now over a year and a half since release and what now? The show was a disaster and a complete slap in the face to fans of Marvel. I don’t mind the odd jokes but this show was filled with them and I’m sorry, breaking the fourth wall did nothing for She-Hulk. This slot could’ve gone to another character allowing them to build them up. I hate this show with every fiber of my body.


6. The lack of direction for TV show heroes like Moon Knight and Bucky Barnes

The lack of directions for such characters as Moon Knight and Bucky Barnes. Oscar Isaac was incredible as Moon Knight. He portrayed that character really well and we’re getting nothing from it? No announcements to bring him back or anything? Recently, Anthony Mackie has stated he’s upset that Bucky isn’t in his movie which makes sense, they are a team as seen in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series so why not bring him into his movie too?

7. Disgustingly poor CGI

Let’s talk about the horrid CGI in many of the projects that were released in the past couple of years from Disney+ series to the movies… THE MOVIES!!! I know behind-the-scenes people were responsible for this issue but come on. 22 movies with incredible CGI just to take the cheap option of having one studio hired to create this CGI.

8. A roadmap that’s no longer set in stone, take Blade for example

A roadmap that is no longer set in stone. This includes Blade, villains, and projects. We were teased with Blade in The Eternals and his movie was set to begin production but since then we’ve had nothing but negative things regarding this movie from directors leaving to delays. Kevin Feige truly needs to release a roadmap and show fans what is to come because it’s nearly daily when people are losing interest.

9. No build-ups to team-ups or proper connection to the overall universe anymore

When you look back 10 years ago, we had a team-up film to look forward to. From Iron Man 2 onwards, it all felt connected to the bigger picture. It no longer feels that way. It’s even less so now that Jonathan Majors has been fired by Marvel so that’s the build-up for Kang completely gone. During the initial MCU films, we knew Thanos would come eventually. It felt big due to the build and when he finally did come, it felt huge. I don’t think Marvel now can pull off what they did with the first 3 phases again.

10. Poor marketing

Absolutely horrible marketing. I get they had strikes to deal with but not being able to market a movie seriously hurt The Marvels. I remember the strikes finishing and seeing nearly no marketing or promotion for the movie. They need to get back to marketing projects this is mainly towards Disney because they’ve taken ages to begin marketing projects such as The Acolyte.

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