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Amazon’s Fallout Has Set A Very High Bar Moving Forward

Games being made into a live-action adaption has always been a risky move, especially when you’re making a game that’s filled with lore and its universe into a TV show or a movie. There’s been plenty of failures and it’s usually always down to one very specific reason;

Trying to be unique and not following the lore.

Despite the fact I like Halo, it’s not very well received because of this. The removal of the helmet is a big factor for people. Resident Evil also suffered as a result which is weird because you’d think Resident Evil would be one of the easier adaptations but hey, here we are.

Last of Us set a high bar as it felt ripped straight from the video game. It was more successful as a result. Granted, the show added little bits here and there but ultimately everything you see in the game was in the show for the most part. People liked that. What people don’t like is when you mess with the lore.

Then Fallout was announced. I thought this couldn’t be done because the world of Fallout is monumental compared to Last of Us. You don’t have any scripts or stories really to go off, you have to be creative but creative to the point it works within that universe. Prime did exactly that.

The games are successful for a reason. There’s so much to unpack because the world Bethesda has built is so vast from the iconic vaults to Nuka Cola even down to stimpacks and radaways. The task was great but they did it. The show featured almost everything that makes the Fallout universe so unique.


Granted, some stuff was left out but seemingly this was intentional so they can continue throwing surprises our way in the second season.

The story had to be great on the back of adding these quirky little mementos to create a compelling story that doesn’t just last for a single season but multiple. It’s not just impressive that they pulled it off but actually managed to connect it to the wider universe, including all of the major Fallout titles.

This is proven by multiple clear references to the games and the post-credit scene where they showed a far-out shot of New Vegas which is what Fallout: New Vegas was centered around.

If you look at the above ratings, there’s a clear indication that the show is liked by both critics and fans alike. They’ve done a fantastic job. Prime is shaping up to be one of the best studios out there. The Boys, Gen V, Fallout, and more will also come.

A second season or Fallout was announced very quickly after the entire first season aired at once. Judging by the reaction that we saw from our own social media platforms and elsewhere, we knew it was only a matter of time.

Bravo. I hope this bar continues to be the standard. It needs to be. Video games like this, Last of Us, Halo, and others all have hugely dedicated fanbases. When their game isn’t what it should be in the crossover to live-action then it’s natural for there to be distain towards it.

Ella Purnell as Lucy in Amazon Prime’s Fallout

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