Arrow “Starling City” Review

Season 8 Episode 1 “While trying to decipher The Monitor’s mission, Oliver returns to Starling City where he encounters familiar faces; Mia and William’s team clash with a new foe.”

What Was Good?

1. Batman’s mask on the island was in a teaser trailer, so this deserves a mention straight away. So many questions from this.

2. Revisiting the very episode is so nostalgic. Moria, the house, the way it was when everyone was great is incredible. It makes me want to go back and watch the series from the very beginning.

3. The lack of the hood/mask last season was extremely off-putting. Seeing Oliver back in his full suit brings back the Green Arrow feel. It’s nice to see him back.

4. When Moria introduces Oliver to Diggle again, Oliver’s face lit up. It turns out, it’s the Diggle that we know. He managed to get a device from Cisco to get to Oliver. You can sense the emotion from a mile away. During the episode, Diggle tries to help Oliver at every turn. Oliver keeps pushing him away, however John’s persistence eventually persuades Oliver to bring him along. A friendly character that we know on this earth makes all the difference.

5. Tommy’s motivation to level the Glades is very similar to Malcolm’s on the original earth. Except, on this earth, Tommy wants to destroy the Glades due to Thea’s death. She overdosed on Vertigo at her 18th birthday party.


6. Oliver goes up against Renee and Dinah, drops them in literally a single move. His saying afterwards was brilliant.

7. Tommy vs Oliver. Same roof as the season 1 finale, almost similar in combat. More importantly in this episode, Oliver tries to talk Tommy out of blowing up the Glades. This episode brings so much back, it’s crazy.

8. Bruce Wayne name drop by Adrian. Also advised by Oliver to change his name from The Hood to The Green Arrow.

9. Tears flowing as Oliver says goodbye to Moria one more time. These scenes between the two always gets me going.

10. First glimpse of the crisis at the end of the episode after the Moria and Oliver scene. This episode has blew me away.

What Was Bad?

Nothing to note this week.


Holy Shit Moment

1. Adrian Chase is the Green Arrow in this episode. Wow! Laurel is on the earth Oliver is now on, but it’s actually the Black Siren we know. It’s slightly confusing but this is just unbelievable.

2. Tommy is the Dark Archer on this earth. I’m speechless. My money was on Walter, this threw me off. I’m impressed.

The Verdict

One of the best episodes of Arrow in a long time. It brought back memories, it had twists and turns at every single corner. Arrow is setting up to be one of the best seasons yet.

Rating: 10/10

Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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