Batwoman “Drink Me” Review

Season 1 Episode 13 “A new villain sinks her teeth into Gotham; The Hold Up opens in grand fashion; Sophie reluctantly requests that Batwoman keep her distance, knowing their interactions could compromise her career.”

What I Liked

1. Jacob is finally exonerated. I have kind of missed at the lead of the Crows.

2. Mary is one of my favourite characters. She’s one of those that can light up a conversation and I really like that. I also really like the fact she’s closing in on Kate’s secret identity as Batwoman.

3. A surprise twist comes. Just as you think Nocturna is going to grab Sophie, she grabs Alice instead. Especially after a fairly emotional conversation with Kate. While we know how it pans out with the twist, it was still really good.

4. Alice saves Mary (see favourite moment). Nocturna now comes up against Batwoman for the second time, while a short fight, it was still decent. Great tactics from Kate using the UV lights to stop her as well.

5. Sophie has been suspended from the Crows for helping Batwoman. I put this on my likes because she’s a character I’ve never had any love for. She’s often irritating. I know it won’t happen but I hope this suspension leads to termination.


6. Going off point 2. Mary towards the end of the episode figures out that Kate is Batwoman. The most interesting scene of the episode that’s got me so excited for next week.

What I Disliked

1. Is Kate stupid. She takes down Nocturna near the beginning, baring in mind, Nocturna is a vampire. After taking her down she leans over her. Why? A vampires main weapon is their teeth. This really annoyed me.

2. Batwoman and Sophie kiss at the end of the episode. Another question as to why? This relationship served no real purpose except from the origin stories of both characters.

Favourite Moment

As Luke explains to Kate where Nocturna is, she goes to the church and finds Mary drained of blood. She is sideswiped by Nocturna and taken down, again. However, in the unlikely event it turns out to be Alice that saves the day. Also saving Marry in the process. Of course we know Alice set this whole thing up, which does make it interesting. Is this the time now where she goes crazy?

Standout Character

I have to give this weeks standout to Alice. Very calculating, especially after sensing the hurt after what Kate did. It shows the redemption sides of things when she does save the day, but she’s unpredictable. That’s what is going to make the final 9 episodes incredibly interesting.


A very solid episode. Things are heating up and secrets are coming out. This can only mean one thing as we’re heading deep into the second half of the season. Some very good moments in here, albeit a couple.


Rating 9/10

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